Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Renovations Update

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“Dude, I can’t believe we’re going to be working on that sweet little place on Mercer,” Garrett breathed.

“We haven’t gotten the job yet, jackass,” Edward argued. “Ms. Swan wants to meet us first, let us give her an estimate, and our ideas for what should be done.”

“I wonder if she’s hot,” Garrett crooned. “Isabella Swan—what a sexy name! Do you think she’s blonde or brunette?”

Edward rolled his eyes. His best friend and business partner was infatuated with women. He had been since the moment they met on the campus of University of Washington. “She’s older. Esme Cullen gave her our name. From what Esme told me, she and Ms. Swan roomed together in college,” Edward shrugged. “Besides, are you really going to jeopardize our job because you’re thinking with your pecker?”

“We’re not going to jeopardize our job,” Garrett said, elbowing Edward’s ribs. “I can look all I want. But, I won’t pounce until we’re done with the job. That way, we still get paid. If she’s hot.”

“And you wonder why you’re still single?” Edward deadpanned. 

Edward's Truck

Bella's Range Rover



Mercer House

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