Thursday, July 9, 2015

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

After her clothes were packed in the wardrobe boxes and a majority of her room was packed in the U-Haul, we had one final family dinner. I made Kyra’s favorite and we sat down at the kitchen table. I held back tears as I tried to remember this moment. Our last family dinner.

Okay, Bella. You’re being too over-dramatic.

Fuck it, I was still emotional.

My baby girl was leaving the nest. I wasn’t ready. Yes, we had ensured her safety with a condo in a 
safe neighborhood with a doorman and an extra security system, but it wasn’t at home. She wasn’t going to be with us, under our roof. Kyra was going to make all of her own decisions and be held accountable for them. Our daughter was almost a grown up.

Legally, she is a grown up.

“Gorgeous, you’re going to break all of our dishes,” Edward chided as he backed me away from the sink. We’d finished our dinner and our kids were outside playing in the pool. I was trying to not focus on the fact that Kyra was moving out. “Sweet girl, she’s going to be okay.”

“She might be, but I’m not,” I hissed, wiping my hands on a towel. I grimaced at the carnage my overactive imagination caused. Three broken dishes and one broken glass. “I’m sorry about …”

“Don’t worry about it, gorgeous,” Edward soothed, pulling me into his arms. “I know that you’re struggling with Kyra moving out, but she’s ready for this.” He cupped my cheeks, looking into my eyes. “Go outside with them. I’ll finish up in here.”

“Okay,” I whispered, a few tears escaping. He leaned down, kissing them away before brushing his lips with mine. He hugged me once more before sending me outside with a glass of wine. The sounds of splashing and laughter wafted over me. I sat down at the table, watching my children play. Kyra and Mia were splashing my sons. Max was barking from the edge of the pool, terrified of the water, but desperate to save his master. Soon, the tables turned and Owen and Masen were chasing their sisters. Max was determined to be a part of the fun. He launched himself into the pool, jumping near Masen and paddling frantically. Edward ran out, holding up us phone as we watched Max finally get his bearings, crawling onto one of the floating chaise lounges. Once settled, Max smiled his doggy smile and wagged his tail. Edward sat next to me, his own crooked grin infectious. “What is it with pools?”

“Chlorinated water, bringing families together,” he snorted, ending the video and pulling me onto his lap.

“In more ways than one,” I snickered, remembering our debauchery in the pool in Cabo.

“Hey now!” he chided. “This is a family show. No teasing your horny husband.”

“When are you not horny?” I asked, ruffling his hair.

“Um, never. Especially with you around,” he quipped, kissing just behind my ear.

“Mom! Dad! Come in the pool!” called Mia.

“Not tonight, sweetie,” Edward replied. “You guys have fun, okay?” Mia nodded, swimming over to her twin and plunging his head under the water.

“Why don’t you want to go into the pool?” I asked.

“Because the last time we were in the pool, I fucked you into oblivion. I don’t want my body to go into autopilot and scare my children with my huge boner for my sexy wife,” Edward deadpanned. 
“Besides, it’s too cold to be in the pool. Yes, the water’s heated but the air is chilly.” I nodded, agreeing with him. Compared to the humid, warm air of Cabo, the weather in Chicago was downright frigid. Edward held me on his lap, his lips idly pressed to my neck and his arms tight around my waist. Just after the sun dipped below the horizon, the kids got out of the pool. Max refused to leave his perch on the floating chaise. However, Edward managed to wrangle him off the chaise. Owen and Masen chased him around the yard to dry him off. 

Max, wanting to save Masen

Max, not wanting to get out of the pool

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