Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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“Never, baby,” Garrett growled, sucking on her inner thigh. With another guttural scream, Bella pressed against Garrett, her release pulsing out of her, drenching Garrett’s hand and face. “That’s it, Bella. Squirt everywhere. Don’t stop.” He kept pumping his hand until she collapsed against Edward’s chest, boneless and panting heavily. Garrett removed his hand, licking the essence of Bella off his fingertips. Edward growled lowly, wanting his own taste. “I do believe that Edward is a bit jealous.”

“I am not,” Edward said petulantly.

“Are you?” Bella asked, breathless and staring up at him, her eyes glittering. Edward smiled softly, shaking his head, and kissed her sweetly. She turned in his arms and straddled his waist. Garrett moved back to the chair, watching his best friend lose himself in the brunette beauty in his arms.
Edward’s hands removed the negligee, revealing Bella’s naked form. On her back were a pair of tattooed angel wings and a large pink flower along her left side, starting just below her breast and traveling down to her panty line. With a twist of his body, Edward flipped them so Bella was on her back.

Garrett was palming his cock through his khakis. He never thought this would be as erotic as it was, but he was so hard that he was in pain. He quickly divested himself of his khakis, watching the scene unfold on the bed.

“Garrett got his taste. I want mine,” Edward growled, spreading Bella’s legs. 

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