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Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

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“Okay, so we have the family room, entertainment center, kitchen, office and bathrooms. All you need is your bedroom and some cute patio furniture,” Alice listed off for Kyra. “Do you want a grill?”

My daughter had this dazed look on her face. With all we had bought, we could have paid for two years of her college tuition. Okay, not really, but it was a lot of money. Kyra, however, was done. Her head was hurting from her previous concussion and her ankle was swollen from the sprain. She was walking with a noticeable limp. “Alice, I think Kyra is on furniture overload. We can go later.”

“But, there’s this awesome set … “Alice whined, pointing the opposite direction of the door.

“Ali, no,” I said sternly, arching a brow. “Kyra is still recovering from her ordeal with Mackenzie.” And the loss of Steve. “Another time, okay? Besides, aren’t you going to Esme and Marcus’s for dinner with Gianna and Adam?” It was neutral ground and her children didn’t feel threatened when she came over to her parents’ home. Nana and Papa’s house was safe.

Alice checked her watch. “Shit! I’ve got to go,” she said. She ran over to me, hugging me tightly. “Today was fun! Love you, Bella!” She danced over to Kyra, who was sitting on the couch we’d ordered for her condo. Alice gave her a hug, kissing her cheek before leaving us in the store with Oliver.

I knew my baby girl was struggling with everything that had happened to her and was currently happening to our family. She had nightmares, screaming for Steve, Edward or me. She hated Mackenzie and Jacob, wishing them to be swallowed up whole. My daughter was terrified of her own shadow and mourning the end of her friendship with the youngest bodyguard that worked for our family. She was definitely panicking about starting college. With all that was happening, it was a rite of passage that she was unprepared for. Her look of absolute terror was a clear indication of her 
feelings. “You okay, Kyra?” I sat down next to her, taking her hand and rubbing her arm gently.

“Aunt Alice spent more money than God,” Kyra whispered, her golden eyes wide with shock. “I mean, shouldn’t she be worried about that since everything is so up in the air with her and Uncle Jasper?”

“Alice is a successful fashion designer and wealthy in her own right, Kyra,” I chuckled, hugging my daughter to my side. “Besides, when we got your apartment, we all chose an aspect of your education we’d take care of. Obviously, your father and I would handle the tuition and lodging. Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper were in agreement to help you furnish your new place. Aunt Ro and Nana are going to go shopping for clothing for you, along with incidentals for the place. You’re responsible for the bills like electricity, cable, phone, and groceries. Not to mention any spending money.”

“Dad did give me a credit card,” Kyra blushed, patting her purse.

“And it’s only for emergencies and necessities,” I reiterated. Kyra nodded. “Now, let’s go out for dinner. It’s been too long since we’ve had time to chat. With Owen’s accident, your dad’s panic attacks, the graduation ceremony and the craziness with Mackenzie, I want to see how you’re doing, Kyra.”

“Are you sure? What if they’re out there,” Kyra hissed, her eyes darting around the furniture showroom. Her hand tightened around mine as her breathing picked up.

“Miss Kyra, you are well-protected,” Oliver said deeply from his spot a few feet away. He gave her a warm smile, trying to put her at ease, but until all of this was done, she wouldn’t be. However, little did she know that we had a silent tail. 

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