Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

“Now, let’s go out for dinner. It’s been too long since we’ve had time to chat. With Owen’s accident, your dad’s panic attacks, the graduation ceremony and the craziness with Mackenzie, I want to see how you’re doing, Kyra.”

“Are you sure? What if they’re out there,” Kyra hissed, her eyes darting around the furniture showroom. Her hand tightened around mine as her breathing picked up.

“Miss Kyra, you are well-protected,” Oliver said deeply from his spot a few feet away. He gave her a warm smile, trying to put her at ease, but until all of this was done, she wouldn’t be. However, little did she know that we had a silent tail.

Steve may have put in his resignation, but he was still concerned about Kyra and our family. But his main concern was for my oldest daughter. His feelings for her ran deep. He was outside, making sure that no one was going to attack us. He was doing this because he couldn’t walk away. He had called me when Edward was at work one day, asking to meet to discuss a plan for our protection. Kyra was sleeping, struggling with nightmares.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, Miss Bella,” Steve said, twisting his hands nervously. “I know that if Mr. Edward would know that I was here, he’d kick my ass.”

“Probably, but I’m glad you came,” I smiled, leading him into the kitchen. “Coffee?”

“Yes, please,” he said, taking a proffered cup.

“Steve, I want to thank you for saving Kyra. I saw the video and you risked your own life to get her out of the way,” I said, making my own coffee. “How are you?”

“I’m fine. I got the stitches out yesterday and I have another week of wearing the brace,” he answered. “Did Kyra see my note?”

“She has, but hasn’t opened it as far as I know,” I replied. I looked directly into his steel blue eyes. “Do you have feelings for my daughter?”

“I shouldn’t, but I do, Miss Bella,” he whispered, his voice choked off. “That’s why I resigned.”

“You realize she’s much younger than you,” I chided.

“She is. But, you’re also younger than Mr. Edward,” he smirked.

“This is also true,” I giggled.

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