Sunday, September 7, 2014

Star Crossed Update

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I was worried for my mate. It had been three days since Victoria was ‘buried’ in space. Edward had become depressed, angry and quiet. He barely spoke aloud. His mental communication had all but stopped. The only thing that he was focused on was Victoria and the cloaking device. I tried to speak with him, give him comfort, but he refused me. Refused to touch me or to allow me to touch him. I knew he was physically hurting from his injuries along with the emotional wall he put up between us. I was in just as much pain as him.

If not more.

On the morning of the fourth day of our mental and emotional separation, I went in search of Rose. She was married to him before. It wasn’t the same as being mated, bonded through our souls. Perhaps she could provide me with some insight on his moods. I found her in the Imperial School, running scans on my brother as he worked with his tutor. Rose sensed me, giving me a soft smile. Her true emotions were hidden but I knew that she was feeling for me. The concern was clearly etched in her golden eyes. “I think I may have a solution for Charanel’s brain damage from the lack of oxygen. However, it may cause his personality to change. There’s no telling until we start the procedure…”

“I do not want to lose my brother,” I said, looking at him, smiling happily with his tutor. “He may be developmentally delayed and forever trapped in a child’s mind, but he’s sweet and loving and I don’t want him to lose that.”

“Let me do some more research. I’d like to take way the possible side effect of the change of personality,” Rose said, closing her tricorder. “Now, you are in extreme pain and seem troubled. Let me guess, Emo Edward?”

“Emo Edward?” I asked. My translator must have malfunctioned. I didn’t recognize the term she used before my mate’s name.

“He’s thrown up walls and is buried in work, avoiding dealing with his feelings,” Rose deadpanned. “Look, Bella, Edward takes his job very seriously and that includes the safety of his crew. He is probably blaming himself for the death of Victoria even though it was a horrific reaction to the nerve gas that was pumped into the room. He loves to be in control. Everything needs to be in its proper place or he’s an absolute mess. The past month has been massive for him with all of the changes he’s endured…”

“What can I do? I hate to see him like this. I miss my mate,” I said, my heart shattering. “Even though we are close in proximity, there is a huge barrier between us emotionally.”

“He needs a swift kick in the ass,” Rose grumbled. Her face softened. “He needs to regain his control. You can help with that. Tonight, you need to have some fun with him.”

“I am not sure what you mean,” I frowned.

“First, you need to take control over him. Tell him to meet you for dinner and follow your rules.” Rose smiled impishly. “Try it. Let me know what happens.”

I furrowed my brow, confused by her suggestion. She knew him longer than I did, but the suggestion seemed wrong, almost. “I will think about it,” I said. “Any other suggestions if that doesn’t work?”

“Time,” Rose sighed. “Edward will get over it, but this was the first time he lost a crew member while he was captain. It’s one thing to lose a crew member that was a coworker, but Edward feels personally responsible for each person on his vessel. The safety of everyone on board is paramount. I can guess that he’s feeling like a failure right now; hating himself for what happened.”

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