Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Star Crossed Teaser

“Do you know where he is now?” I asked. “Is Edward on the Volvo? I can’t sense him on the surface.”

“I think he’s on the Intrepid, working at deciphering the cloaking technology with Captain Data and Commander Volturi,” Rose said. She tapped her communicator. “Halé to Cullen.”

“This is Captain Cullen,” came the rough voice of my exhausted mate.

“Sir, Kunnan has another injection for your pain management but it could make you drowsy. We need you to return to the surface,” Rose lied.

“I’m fine, Rose,” Edward said curtly.

“Edward, I do not want to have to relieve you of duty,” Rose chided. “You’ve been pushing yourself too hard as it is. Technically, you should still be on medical leave, but your stubborn ass…”

“Fine! I’ll transport in ten minutes,” Edward huffed.

“No, now,” Rose argued. “If you’re not transported into the Imperial Palace in thirty seconds, I will relieve you of duty and confine you to your Imperial quarters…”

Edward’s haggard body shimmered down and he was on the surface, scowling at his chief medical officer. His green eyes didn’t hold their usual sparkle. He appeared more gaunt and hunched over. “I’m here. Are you happy?”

“No,” Rose snorted. “Edward, I’m saying this as a friend and as your medical officer. You look like shit. 
You are hear by relieved of duty until further notice. When you can eat a meal without throwing up and you don’t look like fucking walking skeleton, then I’ll allow you back to work.” She tapped her communicator. “Halé to Volvo. Computer, restrict all access to files on the computer from Captain Edward Cullen. Medical override, Halé, Delta-Omega Three-Seven.”

“Rosalie!” Edward snarled. “I can’t not work. I have to…”

“Get better. What good are you to your crew looking like this? Feeling the way that you are,” Rose murmured. “I will examine you in four days. You are to remain on the surface.” She arched a brow, challenging Edward to disobey her medical orders. “Halé to Riley, one to beam up.”

“Ready, doctor?” Riley asked over the communicator.

“Yes, sir. Energize,” Rose replied and she shimmered out of the school. 

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