Monday, September 8, 2014

Caught in the Flames Update

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By mid-afternoon, Bella’s backyard was filled with some of my coworkers, my mom and a few of Bella’s neighbors. Emmett was at the grill, dancing to the music playing on Bella’s sound dock. I could see my mom fuss over Bella, excited that I had such a wonderful girlfriend. Hell, I was excited. She was everything I had ever hoped for, wished for in my life. Someone smart, funny, sarcastic and snarky. Not to mention beautiful inside and out.

I did truly love her. More than anyone else on this world. I knew that she was scared of saying it back, but she showed me how much she loved me with her actions. I wanted to hear her say those three little words, but I couldn’t push her. I couldn’t force her to say something she wasn’t ready to say. Her fear was her guiding force. I hated that James and her mother implanted this fear inside of her, causing her flame inside to flicker and burn out. It was slowly gaining its power, but she was still hesitant to trust.

That would take time. 

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