Thursday, August 7, 2014

Star Crossed Update ~ Chapter Six

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I spent most of the night watching my mate, my Fíorghrá. She was curled next to me, her limbs twined with mine and still deliciously naked. I’d been with a fair share of women. Some human and some not human. Klaxon traditions in the bedroom were downright brutal. I had so many broken bones with that tryst. But nothing felt like what I had with Nirabelle. My heart felt like it was truly beating and I was wrapped in a blanket of warmth, contentment and absolute pleasure.

The sun began its ascent in the Cygnarian sky. Bella moaned, rolling away from the window. She used my body as a block. I chuckled. Her lithe form was pressed against me and I was definitely experiencing some morning wood. Her sweet little bottom wriggling against my skin awoke my body. I traced my fingers down her still glowing spots. She shuddered.

“That feels good,” she purred, her voice rough sleep but still so beautiful.

“What? This?” I asked, repeating the action from before. She moaned, her body inching back to mine. She was on her side. My chest was pressed to her back. Gliding my fingers along her spots, I watched as she became more and more aroused.

“Your hands on me, it’s like it’s meant to be,” she breathed, turning to look at me. Her blue eyes were sparkling but hooded with desire.

“More, love?” I asked, nuzzling her neck and suckling on her earlobe. She pleaded mentally for more of what I did last night. I smiled against her skin, knowing exactly what she meant. After our third time making love, she explained that Cygnarian men didn’t touch a woman between her legs with anything except their manhood. Kissing her down there brought my mate, my love, untold pleasure and she craved it. Frankly, so did I. I loved tasting a woman from where she was the sweetest. It had only happened with my ex-wife, really. It was too intimate of an act to do with a stranger. I missed doing it and now, adored being able to kiss my mate’s sex with my mouth, knowing I’ll be the only one to do it.

“Edward,” she breathed. Where were you?

“With you, Fíorghrá, only with you,” I said, kissing her mouth. Her fingers tangled in my hair as she hooked her leg over my hip. She rocked against my thigh and her arousal spilling out of her was abundant. I kissed down her sexy, beautiful body, tasting every inch of her skin. She whimpered and almost purred when I traced my tongue along her spots. They gave me almost an electric shock, acting as an aphrodisiac. With each taste, I grew harder.

Gently, I spread Bella’s legs. I kissed her inner thighs, along the spots that were at the seam where her leg met her torso. She looked almost human. The spots obviously indicated that she was not, along with her sweet, succulent flavor. Running my tongue along the length of her sex, I growled lowly at her taste. Bella’s hands thrust to my hair and she spread her legs further. Flicking my tongue along her aroused nub, I slid two fingers inside of her body. Curling them in her, Bella was rocking against me, begging for more with her mind. I eagerly complied, not wanting to deny my perfect mate. Her happiness and safety were paramount.

“Oh, Edward,” she sobbed, her fingers moving from my hair and clutching the navy bedding. Keeping my mouth on her and moving my fingers inside slowly but steadily, she climaxed quietly, arching off the mattress. Like each time she came, her spots were brightly shining, even brighter than the sun that was now fully in the sky. The lights that emanated from my mate, warmed me in a way I never knew. I felt whole, complete and shielded by her love. 

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