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A Ilha do Amor Update

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“My son? What are you talking about?” I growled, glaring at her. Rhiannon only glared smugly at me, cradling the head of the tiny red-headed baby.

“Let’s bring this into the office,” Carlisle said, guiding her behind the front desk. I was sick, nauseated. The only person I’d ever been with without a condom was Bella. I knew they aren’t full proof, but I couldn’t be a dad. Not yet and certainly not with her.

“Bella?” I whimpered, looking at my fiancée. Her face was hard as stone, her lips pinched. “The kid’s not mine. I swear!” Tears formed in her eyes and she turned to leave, running off. My heart shattered as I saw her run away. Mom came over to me, taking my hand. “Mom, I didn’t…you have to make her understand.” She wrapped her arms around me as I sobbed quietly in my mother’s shoulder.

“Shhhh, it’s okay, Edward. Rose and Alice are with her and I believe you. I do. Now, let’s go talk to this slut and get to the bottom of this,” Mom said, dragging me into the conference room. Rhiannon was seated at the head of the table, cradling her baby as she breast fed him. “You have some nerve.”

“Why? Edward’s my son’s daddy,” she said calmly. “He looks just like him.”

“Before you go making claims like this, we want proof. A DNA test,” Dad snapped. “My son made some poor choices in his life, but he was always safe.”

“Condoms aren’t perfect,” she sneered. “And I won’t do a DNA test. Edward is Patrick’s father. They have the same eyes and nose.”

“What do you want?” I snarled.

“Money. Raising a child all on my own is difficult. After you seduced me, my husband divorced me and wouldn’t pay me anything,” she replied. “Patrick could only be his or yours and since my husband was shooting blanks, that leaves you.”

“I won’t pay you one god damn cent. Not unless you get a DNA test,” I yelled, slamming my hand on the table. Rhiannon jumped and the baby, Patrick, started crying.

“I don’t want to subject my child to some intrusive test when the proof is in the pudding,” Rhiannon said, trying to calm her son.

“It’s not intrusive,” Dad replied. “It’s a swab to the inner cheek of the baby and to Edward. Takes less than a minute and the results usually arrive within seven to ten days. I can do it myself since I am a doctor.”
Rhiannon glared at him. “No, you’ll swap the samples to prove that Patrick isn’t Edward’s son. I want an outside doctor.”

“It will have to wait until morning. We can’t go back to the mainland because it’s too dark,” Carlisle said. 
“Our suites and villas are booked up. The only room available is crew quarters.”

“Can’t I stay with you?” Rhiannon asked, her eyes sweeping over my body. She smiled seductively but she held no allure.

“No. I have to somehow convince my fiancée that I don’t have a child out of fucking wedlock. You hateful bitch, you ruined everything,” I screamed, storming out of the conference room.

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