Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Ilha do Amor Teaser

I chuckled quietly, holding her closely. “I am sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. I mean it,” she said sternly. “Now, let’s go back to your parent’s to get me clothes. I’m coming with you.” I nodded, kissing her shoulder. I was afraid to kiss her mouth because I didn’t want her to push me away. Her soft hand cupped my cheek, encouraging me to look at her. “I don’t like seeing you like this. Sad.” Her fingers brushed underneath my eyes. Leaning forward, she brushed her mouth with mine and my heart sputtered. Tears splashed onto my cheeks as I crushed her to my chest. Her arms flew around my neck and gently massaged my back as I quietly lost it. This situation was unbearable. She kissed me once more before standing up. “Turn on the asshole, Edward. Don’t let her see you crumble.”

“The asshole has long since died, Bella,” I snorted.

“He’s in there,” she encouraged. “This whore is not going to separate us and that baby, while really cute, is not yours. I’m the mother of your first born. Not her.” I kissed her and nodded, feeling slightly more confident with her support. Together, we walked to my parent’s villa. I wore my t-shirt from the day before. Bella quickly changed into a dress, wearing her engagement ring, the earrings I gave her for the bridal shower and her druzy quartz necklace. Pulling her back into a loose braid, we went to the marina. Rhiannon was standing on the dock, tapping her foot impatiently.

“If your son gets a sunburn…” she warned.

“Listen cupcake,” Bella began. “Your kid is cute. But he’s not Edward’s. Obviously when you pushed him out, you lost a few brain cells. He’s too young.”

“Whatever, bitch,” Rhiannon spat. She handed the stroller to Carlisle. My father took care with the stroller, cooing at the baby and ignoring Rhiannon as she stumbled onto the deck. “A little help?”

Carlisle smirked, rolling the stroller into the cabin while I lifted Bella onto the ship. She held her hand out and I scrambled on, ignoring Rhiannon as she finally tumbled onto the slippery boat deck. “We’re going to be on the bridge, love,” I said, striding past Rhiannon who was cursing a blue streak.

“Prick,” Rhiannon muttered under breath as she followed Carlisle into the cabin. I started the boat’s engines. My father untied the ropes. With a thumbs up, he gave me the go ahead to pull away from the dock. I was queasy. My hangover and migraine weren’t helping matters, nor the mere possibility that this baby could be mine.

Could it?

I tried to remember my time with Rhiannon. But, like all of the other women I’d been with, she was just a figment. Sex didn’t seem real until I made love to Bella. I was fastidious though about wrapping it up. Bella was the only woman that I made love without a condom. She was the future mother of my children. Not Rhiannon. She was a con artist and a fake. Her marriage was one of convenience and I was her man candy. Her excitement. She also saw me as a means to an end. My family owned a freaking island. I was a cash cow and she was trying to milk me for all I was worth.

It wasn’t going to happen. 

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