Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Ilha do Amor Update

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“Bella, love, we’re landing,” Edward cooed. I blinked my eyes open, looking out the window. It was dark out, nearly midnight local time. Our flights had turned into a clusterfuck. The one from Seattle took off without any issue. Our connecting flight in Atlanta was delayed and we missed the flight to Rio. Edward was pissed off, to say the least. He arranged for us to fly first class on the next available flight, free of charge. However, it was landing in the dead of night. We wouldn’t get to the island until the morning. Thankfully, my fiancé had called the Hotel Fasano, their new partner, to arrange for a room for us.

I sat up, leaning my cheek against his shoulder. He threaded his fingers with mine, kissing my forehead as the plane landed roughly on the tarmac. Getting off the plane, we walked through the airport, picking up our luggage. It had been haphazardly tossed in a corner, arriving on our original plane that took off shortly after we booked our new flight. We checked our luggage, making sure that everything was there before heading to customs. With the late hour, customs was virtually deserted. We were in and out in ten minutes, catching a cab for the hotel.

We fell asleep relatively quickly in the suite that the hotel put us up in. Well, Edward fell asleep quickly. I couldn’t sleep because of my nap on the plane to Rio. I picked up my laptop computer, sitting at the table. I found the Elvendore file that Edward left on my computer. I read over his outline, the notes and the description of the game. Opening up a new document, I started writing.

I wrote until the sun came up and Edward was shifting in the king-sized bed. I had almost three chapters written and I felt that it gave the game a greater depth. Edward’s groggy voice broke my stride. “Have you slept at all?” he asked.

“I couldn’t get comfortable and I knew my squirming would keep you awake. I decided to start writing the Elvendore story. I’ve got three chapters written, working on the fourth,” I smiled, looking at him. He was so adorably rumpled. Half of his hair was squished to his head and the other half was sticking straight up. His green eyes were bright, but bleary. His skin was covered with creases from the sheets that he was tangled up in. “You’re so cute, Edward.”

“I’m freaking adorable,” he yawned, getting out of the bed. He was completely naked and my mouth watered at his perfect body.

“Come here,” I smirked, closing the cover to my laptop.

“What?” he asked, walking over to me. He was hard, obviously experiencing morning wood. Once he got closer, I pressed open mouthed kisses to his stomach. My hands were cupping his ass, massaging the soft skin. “Bella…”

“You are too delectable to ignore, Edward,” I purred, moving my mouth closer to his erection. I traced the vein on the underside of his cock, earning a shudder from my man. Looking up at him, I swirled my tongue on the head of his arousal.

“Fuck,” he spat. “Bella, you don’t…”

“I want to,” I replied, wrapping my hands around his now leaking dick. I licked the bead of his pre-cum off and moaned when I tasted his salty, musky flavor. “You’ve been so attentive to my needs. I feel like I have been neglecting you.”

“N-n-no, you haven’t, B-B-Bella,” he stuttered out as I slid off the chair and kissed his balls. “Holy shit.”

“I want to taste you, love,” I cooed, massaging his balls with my hand. “I want you to fuck my mouth and explode down my throat.”

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