Thursday, July 31, 2014

Star Crossed Update

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“Empress, Envoy Maralice has requested your presence in her quarters. Prince Charanel would like to eat dinner,” said my hand maiden, Jerasse. “Emperor Edward is waiting for you in the throne room.”

“Thank you, Jerasse,” I said as I closed my book. We had been on the surface of Forx for a couple of hours. After the good news from the Council of Elders, it was announced that our mating ceremony would be happening in a matter of three days, on the eve of Hisnari. Marcusi insisted that Edward and I not spend any extra time with each other, save for meals and required meetings. I was whisked away to have my dress made and Edward met with his own envoy, D’Metri to discuss his staff.

I made sure that I was dressed appropriately. I wore a long, navy blue sleeveless dress. It was form fitting on the bodice and flowed away from my hips. Picking up my ring from the table, I slid it on my finger and walked out of my suite. Gliding into the throne room, I saw that Edward had changed from his Galaxy Fleet uniform. The royal tailors had dressed him in a pair of dove grey trousers with a blue shirt and lighter blue jacket. On his jacket was his communicator from the Volvo and his phaser was still strapped to his hip. For a moment, he looked like my father. The only thing that was missing was the circlet around his head and his ioti stone ring on his finger. Edward turned to me, gasping when he saw me. He reached inside of his jacket and produced a kinka flower. The petals were an iridescent purple, shimmering in the dwindling sun.

“Each time I see you, you grow more beautiful,” he murmured, handing me the flower. My face flamed and my spots glowed deeply. His lips pressed to my neck, inhaling my scent. “Ti-ane mahnu te-atée sa-ahari.”
“I cannot wait to say that in front of my people,” I said, kissing his palm. “Our people.” Edward grinned crookedly and offered me his arm. I took it eagerly, leading him to the royal dining room where we would share our meal with Maralice, Charanel, Marcusi and Didyme. “Have you thought about you will do in regards to Galaxy Fleet?”

“I will remain in command of the Volvo until this situation is resolved with the Alphans,” Edward said as we walked along the marble corridors of the palace. “After that, we will have to decide together what the next step is. I’m hesitant to say that I can give it up. It’s all I’ve known, Bella. It’s what I’ve lived for. My place is by your side, but the stars…”

“They call to you?” I asked.

“Yes,” he responded. “I will do my job, whatever that may be. I just want the ability to explore the stars and the secrets hidden among them. It was my journey among the stars that led me to you.”

I smiled softly. “If we are to be a part of the Federation, can’t you still command your own vessel, but keep it close to the Cygnarian system?” I asked.

“I don’t know. It’s not something that we have to think about right away,” Edward said. “The mere thought of being away from you, even in another room, it makes me jumpy. I truly don’t know what to think or what to do.”

“We have time, ti’ane,” I murmured, guiding him into the royal dining room. My brother saw me immediately and he ran to me, giving me a warm hug. “Charanel, I’m so glad to be home, brother.”

“Ali said that you’ve found your imprint,” Charanel said, his voice slurring and garbled. I nodded. “Is this him?”

“Yes, Charanel. Meet Edward,” I said, presenting Edward.

“Ednerd?” Charanel said, his nose wrinkling.

“Why don’t you call me Ed?” Edward said gently, giving my brother his hand.

“Ed?” Charanel repeated. He looked at my mate, his head tilted to the side. Charanel looked back at me, his brows furrowed. “You love my sissy?”

“Very much, Charanel. I would do anything for her. For you, too,” Edward murmured.

“Even give me extra nari cakes?” Charanel asked, his purple eyes twinkling mirthfully. Edward laughed, nodding. And like that, Charanel loved my mate, throwing his arms around Edward. My brother was very large for a Cygnarian, nearly the size of Emmett and dwarfing Edward. He stumbled back, patting Charanel’s shoulder. 

Royal Dining Room (Casual)

Maralice's suite

Maralice's Bedroom

Charanel's Bedroom

Imperial Palace

Royal Throne Room (but with blue decor)

Nirabelle's Dress for the signing of the treaty

Edward's crest on top of the box with his present

Edward's present

Federation President Eleazar M'Tak

Captain Jean Luc Picard 

Nirabelle's gown for the reception

Mating Ceremony
Nirabelle's dress

Her hair with coordinating circlet

Ceremony decor

Nari cakes

Emperor's Ring

Emperor's pendant

Empress circlet

Empress ring

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