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The Geek's Guide to Parenthood...Complete

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood is complete on all platforms.

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Follow along as Sexy Geek Boy and Nerdella continue to grow as lovers and parents. Be aware, there is danger around the corner. What, you ask? Read and find out! ExB, AU/AH

Chapter One: Baby Cullen
"Edward?" Bella called. "Can you bring me up some ice cream?"
"What flavor, gorgeous?" I replied.
"Chunky Monkey," she chirped. "And some pickles, too."
I grimaced but gathered the requested items for my pregnant and horny wife. I put the ice cream into a bowl and some pickles onto a plate. I jogged up the stairs and found Bella sitting on our bed, wearing one of my t-shirts and a pair of panties. Her baby belly was jutting out in front of her and I bit back a moan.
We just had wild monkey sex. Well, as wild and monkey as the sex can be when your wife is six months pregnant. Down boy!
"Your request, madam," I said as put the bowls into her eager hands. Then she dipped the pickle into the ice cream.
There goes my boner…
"Thank you, baby," she said with her mouth full.
"That's thoroughly repulsive, Bella," I snickered.
"No, it's not," she said. "I'm hoping if I eat something gross enough, Squirt will be ornery enough to show us what's underneath his or her skirt. I want to know what color to paint the nursery."
"No, what color I'M going to paint the nursery," I said. "There is no way in hell you're going up on a ladder. You have a hard enough timewalking without the belly."
"True. I'll just watch you paint. With your shirt off. So you can show off your new muscles, stud," she giggled. "You ready for another round?"
"Bella…no. Just, no," I said. "My poor cock is fucking raw. Besides, we need to be at the doctor's office in an hour and half. Eat your crap and we'll go. I need to have some meat or something so I can get the smell of pickles dipped in Chunky Monkey out of my nostrils. That's foul, love. And wrong."
"It's good," Bella said, arching her brow.
"Keep telling yourself that, gorgeous," I said dryly. "When we have Squirt, I'm going to make you a dish of Chunky Monkey with a side of pickles and you will see the grossness that is that."
Bella growled and tossed a pickle at me. I, surprisingly, caught it with my mouth before I left. I went downstairs to make myself some lunch before changing for Bella's doctor's appointment. As I ate my sandwich, I smiled at how much my life had changed in the year since I've met Bella. The love of my life.
Who would have thought that chatting in a music forum would have led me to where I am today? And it all started so innocently. We chatted online for a half hour and she emailed me this gorgeous picture. I replied with my own photo and we quickly became friend through emails, phone calls and video conferences. Our first date was on Phoenix and I knew as soon as I saw and felt her that I was in love. She felt so right in my arms. Bella was the perfect woman for me and I was so blessed to have the love of my existence be all of my firsts.
First relationship.
First kiss.
First love.
First and only person to make love to.
Now, my best friend and husband of my sister, called me a fucking moron for not 'sowing my wild oats.' I refused to be in a relationship or pursue something physical with anybody that I had zero feelings for. Making love is not something to be taken lightly. Was I horny? Yes. But I am more of a gentleman than that. Hell, I hadn't even masturbated before I met Bella. I never saw the point. But once I did, I was quite needy in that regard. I felt like a sex-crazed teenager. I never took so many showers in my life. The first time I jerked off, it was in my bed. And I forgot about the 'aftermath.' I wrinkled my nose as I cleaned my spooge of my belly. The shower quickly became my jack off location of choice.
It felt so right with her. Every step that we took was not rushed or forced. Our first kiss was in the botanic gardens in Phoenix after Bella called me her boyfriend. My heart soared when I heard that. I needed to…wanted to kiss her. I wanted to feel her lips against mine and I did. The kiss was sweet and chaste. Her taste was indescribable. She was so sweet and soft and so Bella. When our lips touched, I felt a million butterflies assault my stomach and I wanted to run away with her. Be with her in every way. However, she was better than that. She needed the romance. The love. The affection and I would gladly give it to her.

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