Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Nerd Story of Love...Complete...

A Nerd Story of Love  is complete on all platforms.

Geekward and Nerdella...two lost souls who just want love and to be loved. ExB, AH

Chapter One: Edward: A Brief History
Chicago: Wheatlander Elementary School Fourth Grade: 1990
"Four eyes! Four eyes! You are a four eyes!" children taunted.
"Ooooh, look behind the glasses. His eyes are freaky!" a short girl with pigtails pointed.
"His shoes don't match!"
"Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!" they chanted. He groaned and curled up tighter in a ball. He felt tears begin to fall down his cheeks and he wanted to hide. Run away. Never see these hateful children again. Why do they tease me? He wondered.
"Leave my TWIN alone you miserable brats," a forceful voice yelled. The cowering boy looked up and saw his pint-sized twin run up to the mass of huddled children. "What has he done to you? Stolen your lunch money? Given you a wedgie? WHAT?"
"He looked at me funny. His eyes are weird," a burley boy said as he scowled.
"And you're fat. Go away."
The kids grumbled and began heading away from the twins. They resumed their play on the playground. The small girl turned to her brother. "Edward?" she whispered as she put her hand on his shoulder. He sobbed and pulled away. "Twin? What happened?"
"Leave me alone, Alice," he groaned. "I just want to disappear." He looked up at his sister, gazing into her hazel eyes. Alice was so pretty compared to him. Tiny, like a doll. Long black hair and porcelain skin. She looked like an elf and moved like one too. It was amazing that she and Edward shared a womb.
Edward wiped his nose with the back of his sleeve and got up. His tall, lanky frame was awkward for a fourth grader. He had his growth spurt early and that prompted more teasing. Alice watched her twin warily. His bronze hair sticking up in irregular tufts. His topaz eyes were filled with tears and red-rimmed behind his thick glasses. The only trait the two of them shared was their porcelain skin. "I don't want you to disappear, Older," Alice said as she linked her arm with her older brother. Older brother by three minutes. "I love you."
"I love you, too, Younger," Edward grumbled. "Why do they tease me?"
"Because they're assholes," Alice replied.
"Alice. Mom'll kill you if she heard you say that," Edward hissed.
"Admit it, it's true."
"It is, but that doesn't mean you should say it."
"They tease what they don't understand. You're so smart, Edward. I mean calculus? We're nine."
"I can't help it that I understand math and science," he shrugged. "That doesn't mean I don't have feelings."
"And Edward, your shoes don't match," Alice giggled. "Get dressed without the glasses?"
Edward scowled at his sister and began to stomp away. Alice latched onto his arm and pulled him back. "I'm sorry, Older. You are so serious."
"Am not."
"Are to."
"Am not," Edward said as he arched a brow over his thick glasses.
"When was the last time you ran around and acted silly?"
"I've never run around and acted silly. I can't breathe when I run. Asthma," Edward said as he rolled his eyes. "I'd rather read or play on the computer."
"Or play your stupid piano."
"I'm good at it."
"Edward, you act like you're 107 years old. We're NINE. When we get home, play with Emmett. Perhaps have him teach you how to throw a baseball," Alice suggested.
Five hours, two bloody rags and one pair of broken glasses later, Edward was safely ensconced in his bedroom. Doped up on pain killers for his broken nose that his older brother, Emmett, had caused. Emmett did not like his younger brother. Too skinny. Too much a mama's boy. Too much of a pansy. He started his throws as soft gentle lobs. But he increasingly built up his strength and speed of his throws. Edward had a hard time with depth perception and didn't realize until too late that the ball that Emmett had thrown was so close to his face. He fell to the ground with a resounding thud and blood starting spurting out his nose.
Esme, Edward and Emmett's mother, saw the whole event unfold. She screamed at Emmett to go to his room and cradled her unconscious son in her arms. When Edward came to, Esme took Edward to the emergency room to get his nose set. His topaz eyes were glazed over and he was already beginning to bruise.
Suffice it to say, that was the last time Edward played catch.

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