Thursday, July 17, 2014

Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

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“Owen, what about this one?” I asked, holding up another suit. It was black with small gray pinstripes.
“It doesn’t matter,” he grumbled, barely looking up from his book. “The idea you had about a mini prom is great in theory. For people who can WALK! I’m going to be stuck in this freaking chair.”

“Dr. Snow said that you’ll be out of the cast and on crutches. You can’t walk completely, but you’ll be out of the wheelchair,” I said. My brother shot me a dubious look. “Pick a suit! You need to look handsome for Tasha!”

“Whichever suit will fit over this monstrosity,” Owen snapped, showing me his casted feet.

“Owen Masen Cullen, stop yelling at your sister,” barked Dad. He walked into my brother’s quasi bedroom, which was my mother’s office near the kitchen, giving him an evil eye. “She’s doing all of this for you. It’s going to be an amazing prom. You’ll have those memories that some of us never experienced.”

“Didn’t you go to prom, Dad?” I asked.

“Nope. I think I was too busy rebuilding my computer,” Dad laughed. “Or avoiding my older brother. I didn’t really become what you see before you,” he posed like a model, making both Owen and me laugh, “until I met your mother. I was in my late twenties.”

“Did Mom go to her prom?” Owen asked.

“I don’t think so,” Dad replied. “I think the one dance she went to was in eighth grade and your Uncle Tim pulled a prank on her because he ‘liked’ her. Now, Owen, be nicer to Kyra. She’s going through all of this trouble to ensure that you get your prom. Yes, we know it’s not school sponsored, but it will still be fun.”

“I can’t dance. I can’t walk, Dad,” Owen said, pointing to his two broken legs.

“The left one will be uncasted and in a boot by this time tomorrow. It will be interesting, but it’ll work out,” Dad smiled crookedly, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “How many people did you invite?”

“Well, obviously me and Tim, Tasha and Owen. Plus we have these girls who sit at our table at lunch, Mae, Gabby, Lori and Khaleesi.”

“Khaleesi?” Dad snorted. “Where her parents Game of Thrones fans or something?”

“When you see her, she looks like the chick who played Khaleesi on the HBO show,” I said. “White blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Really pretty and very sweet. Anyhow, those four girls plus their boyfriends. I also invited some of Owen’s friends from the orchestra. He gave me a list of names when he wasn’t being a Sullen Cullen.” Owen rolled his eyes. “Plus, I also invited Ava, Lucas and Adam and their respective significant others.”

“Why don’t you invite Justin and his girlfriend, too?” Dad suggested. I snapped, sending Justin a text and asking him if he wanted to come. “So, the final tally, Kyra?”

“Ummmm, roughly twenty? Mom’s using the same caterer that she used for Uncle Demetri’s and Uncle Alex’s anniversary. We’ve got the tent and the dance floor. Mom and I are going to pick up the decorations with Aunt Alice.” I tried to hide my distaste for my father’s sister.

“She’s trying, K,” Owen said. “When Dad had to go into the office and Mom had to take Masen to the dentist because of that mishap with the football in gym, Aunt Ali came and sat with me. She made me lunch, helped me go to the bathroom, brought me my guitar so I could calm down since I was in pain.”

“She’s not my favorite person either, Kyra, but she’s still your aunt. Be respectful. She’s working through some stuff,” Dad said, putting his arm around my shoulder. “She loves all of you kids.”

“Tell that to Gianna,” I muttered. Dad sighed, giving me the stern parental glare. “What? It’s true. The girl is messed up, Dad. She thinks her mother hates her and turns to Mom for everything, not that I blame her.” 

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