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Bella and Edward Masen had their fresh start and are beginning a new chapter in their lives: raising triplets, one of which doesn't speak. Follow along with their families as they learn to deal with a child with special needs. However, a blast from the past lurks in the corner. Who and why are they choosing to come back into the Masen's lives? ExB, AH Thanks to ObsessedtwibrarianOtb for the banner, texture by Rachel

Chapter One: Reconnections
"Mrs. Masen! This is total crap. I did not start that food fight. Rebecca Smith told Bobbie Richert that he was gay and HE started it," Jorie said. Why am I a dean? Put a fork in me. I'm done.
"Jorie, it doesn't matter who started the food fight. You participated in it and you will need to deal with the consequences," I said, staring at the young girl. Her black hair was covered with ketchup and a few fries nestled in it. Her mascara was running down her cheeks and her lip was quivering. "Don't start with the lip. It won't do anything. You will spend the rest of today and all of tomorrow in the in school suspension room. Here's your pass."
"But, Mrs. Masen!" Jorie whined.
"Do you want an extra day, Jorie?" I asked sternly.
"No, ma'am," Jorie grumbled. She snatched the pass from me and skulked out of my office. Once she left, I sprayed some air freshener. The smells of cafeteria invaded my office and was making me nauseous. I leaned forward and smacked my head against my desk. I. Hate. My. Job.
"You know, Bella," Alice said as she leaned against my door, "that will not make the kids make better choices."
"Maybe it'll make my headache go away," I said to the floor. "I hate this, Alice. Three years and I hate my job. I should have taken Sherrie's job. Principal Masen sounds SOOOOOOOOOO much better than Dean Masen."
"Bella, you had triplets. You were a mess. There was no way in hell you could have been the principal for this crazy building," Alice giggled. "What happened now?"
"Huge. Massive. Gargantuan. Food fight during the 8th grade lunch," I said as I looked at my sister-in-law. Her tiny features were framed by a short black hair cut that flipped out. Her eyes were covered with a pair of rectangular frames. She wore a chic pair of black pants and heels with a red sweater set on top. Her body was extremely small, only 4'11" and she was in killer shape.
Alice frowned at my admission. "How many kiddos were involved?"
"Twelve. I just sent the last one to ASDA," I said. "My job is going to lead me to drink. Gah!"
"Perhaps the good doctor can cure your ills. With some hot steamy lovin'," Alice said with a suggestive waggle of her brows. "Have Edward live up to his nickname."
"God, I still can't believe I called him that," I laughed. "What the hell was I thinking?"
"You weren't," Alice giggled. "We're having brunch at my house on Sunday. Jasper has some news. You and Edward will be there, right?"
"Wouldn't miss it, Elf," I smiled. "Can we bring Nessie? Separating the dog from Marie is quite challenging. Marie is attached to the furball."
"As long as the furball doesn't shit on my carpet, then we're good," Alice smiled. "I'll talk to you later, Bells."
"Love you, Elf."
"Love you, Bells." Alice turned and left my office. I finished my discipline report and contacted all of the parents involved. Half of the parents were pissed. The other half were ashamed. I had several requests for meetings and I arranged for them to happen tomorrow. The school day was almost done and I needed to pick up my children from Nana's daycare. I love my mother-in-law.
Once the bell rang, I went outside and did my bus duty. I chatted with several students and shooed them onto their buses. After that, Rose came up to me and weaved her arm through mine. "I heard about the food fight, Dean Masen," Rose snickered. "Thank you for putting half of my last period class in ASDA. It made my day so awesome!"
"I'm glad I could oblige, Mrs. McCarty," I smiled. "They'll be gone tomorrow too."
"Sweet! Are you coming to the football game tomorrow night? Emmett is so nervous about making sectionals. He needs all of the support he can get," Rose said.
"Edward is working tomorrow during the day, so I think it's feasible. I don't want to take Lizzie, David and Marie by myself," I replied.
"How are things going with Marie?" Rose asked.
"Edward is talking to a colleague of Tanya's. Her name is Dr. Kate Diamante. She's one of the best. We're going to be flying out to Seattle in a few weeks. Hopefully she can give us some answers for my baby girl," I said sadly. My three babies were my miracles. David Anthony was my oldest, by five minutes. He was a mini-Edward in his mannerisms. However, David looked like me, with Edward's jade eyes. Elizabeth Tanya was my middle child. She was the leader of her siblings. Super bossy and boisterous. There were times where I think she's not my child. Both Edward and I are very reserved and quiet. Lizzie, not so much. Marie Esme was my baby girl. The youngest of my triplets. She was the spitting image of Lizzie but didn't speak a word. She also refused to be touched byanybody besides Edward, Esme, Carlisle, Sue, Charlie or me. Her best friend is her dog, Nessie, a puppy that the triplets received two months ago for their fourth birthday.
"How long will you be in Seattle?" Rose asked as we walked back into Cherry Blossom Middle School.
"A week. We're leaving on a Friday after work and returning the following Sunday, the weekend before Thanksgiving," I said. "I hope that Dr. Diamante will give us some answers. I want my baby to be okay. Or least have some answers, you know?"
"I know," Rose smiled. "Well, text me if you are coming. Okay?"
"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow, Mrs. McCarty," I said as I went back to my office.

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