Monday, July 14, 2014

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

“Why don’t you invite Justin and his girlfriend, too?” Dad suggested. I snapped, sending Justin a text and asking him if he wanted to come. “So, the final tally, Kyra?”

“Ummmm, roughly twenty? Mom’s using the same caterer that she used for Uncle Demetri’s and Uncle Alex’s anniversary. We’ve got the tent and the dance floor. Mom and I are going to pick up the decorations with Aunt Alice.” I tried to hide my distaste for my father’s sister.

“She’s trying, K,” Owen said. “When Dad had to go into the office and Mom had to take Masen to the dentist because of that mishap with the football in gym, Aunt Ali came and sat with me. She made me lunch, helped me go to the bathroom, brought me my guitar so I could calm down since I was in pain.”

“She’s not my favorite person either, Kyra, but she’s still your aunt. Be respectful. She’s working through some stuff,” Dad said, putting his arm around my shoulder. “She loves all of you kids.”

“Tell that to Gianna,” I muttered. Dad sighed, giving me the stern parental glare. “What? It’s true. The girl is messed up, Dad. She thinks her mother hates her and turns to Mom for everything, not that I blame her.”

“Owen, I’m going to borrow your sister for a little bit, okay?” Dad said, gently pulling me from Owen’s room. My brother snorted, picking up his book and reading with his ear buds before the door was closed. 
“Kyra, I know that you are not a fan of Aunt Alice. What she did to Gianna and to her family is something that she is struggling with. She feels incredibly guilty for abandoning them.”

“She should,” I said, crossing my arms. “Dad, she acted like me when I was having my teenage tantrum at the beginning of the school year. She’s like, old. She shouldn’t be having tantrums.”

“It was a hormonal thing,” Dad explained, grimacing slightly. “You know how you get before you have your period?”

“PMS? Ugh, yes. I’m so cranky and all I want is chocolate,” I said. “Being on birth control helps, but I’m still a bitch.”

“I wouldn’t go that far.” Dad gave me sheepish grin. I shrugged. “Well, imagine that times a hundred. That’s what Aunt Alice is dealing with. Her body is changing radically,” Dad said softly. “Nana went through something similar, but she went on medication when she went through menopause. Aunt Alice was in denial.”

“Oh,” I said. “Will she ever get back to normal? I mean, she was fun and crazy and…”

“With time, principessa, we hope so. For now, she’s trying rebuild the bridges that she burned when she had her meltdown. Alice is trying, like Owen said. Now, what’s the theme for this prom?” Dad asked.

“I’m not being creative. I’m using the same theme as our prom at school: ‘A Night to Remember,’” I replied. “The decorations are going to be black, gold and silver with some red lights all along the tent. All of the girls are going to wear black, gold or silver dresses and the guys are wearing tuxedos or black suits.”

“It sounds great. Do you have a DJ?” Dad asked.

“Not yet. I’ve called a couple of places, but no one has called back. I really don’t want to have my sound dock out there with my mp3 player,” I grumbled.

“Let me see what I can do,” Dad smiled, hugging me close. I nodded and snuggled in his arms. “Until then, go do your homework.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I giggled, dancing out of his arms and upstairs.

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