Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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“I’m so glad that she remembers me,” Jacob sneered, speeding up the limo. I held Bella close to me, reaching for my cell phone. I sent a text to Uncle Carlisle, Jasper and Kate, informing them that Jacob had commandeered the limo in New York. I also dialed 911, hoping that someone would hear what was happening.
“What do you want, Jacob?” I asked, trying to keep my voice even.
“To finish what I started,” he growled.
I gulped, panicking at what he was implicating. I kicked my bag closer to my body and I reached inside of it, finding my revolver. I shoved it into my boots and tried to think of ways to get out of this mess. However, we were flying down the highway. “Nothing to say about that? Are you bored with her sloppy pussy already? Did she give you the clap?”
“Fuck you,” I spat. I held Bella tighter and I could feel her fever through her clothes. She was so sick and didn’t need this crap. I wanted to take her home. I wanted to protect her. I desperately needed this to end. I could faintly hear the operator on my phone. Slipping in my blue tooth, I hissed into the contraption. “My name is Edward Masen. My wife and I, we’re being held against our will…”
“Where are you located, Mr. Masen?” asked the operator.
“We’re driving on a highway, but I don’t know if I can keep talking to you. My captor is giving me…We’re in a black limo and our captor is Jacob Black. He’s wanted for…FUCK!” The limo turned harshly and we flew down an exit ramp.
“I see his active arrest warrant, Mr. Masen. I’ve triangulated your location and I have dispatched several police officers toward your location.” The car stopped and the door was wrenched open. Jacob grabbed phone from my hand and he stomped on it.
You think you’re so fucking slick,” he snarled, pulling me out of the car. With a closed fist, he hit my face. His next shot, I deflected, slamming my fists into his kidneys. It wasn’t until I heard the cock of a hammer that I stopped. Turning around, I saw Royce King along with James standing in front of an unmarked van. Victoria was standing, submissively next to James. Royce was holding a gun, aiming it at my head. Slowly, I raised my hands, deferring my surrender. “Not so tough when you’ve got a gun pulled on you, hmmmm?” Jacobsneered.
“Grab the whore,” Royce said coldly. “We are going to have some fun with her since our other playmate…well, she’s no longer with us.” Royce pushed at Victoria. She stumbled, catching herself on the van. Looking at her, I saw that she was completely broken. Her eyes were dead and she looked drugged beyond all recognition. Royce nodded to James who ambled toward me. He lightly patted my back and hips, looking for a weapon. Stupidly, he didn’t check my shoe. James gave Royce a nod. “Put him in the car. Sedate him.”
“No! Blindfold me, but do not sedate me,” I growled. Royce shrugged and I felt a pinprick at my neck. Blackness swirled all around me. Faintly, I did hear the sirens and Jacob yelling that we needed to go. James lifted me, hefting me over his shoulder and slamming me into the van. I groaned. With a swift kick to the ribs, I felt Bella’s unconscious form fall against my side and I was out.

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