Saturday, July 26, 2014

Star Crossed Teaser

“Empress Nirabelle, Leader of the Cygnarian people, please allow us to introduce Federation President, Eleazar M’Tak, Admiral Carlisle Cullen and Captain Jean-Luc Picard*,” announced the imperial herald.

“Welcome to Forx, Mr. President, Admiral and Captain,” I said, giving them a gesture of peace and greeting. “I am pleased that you have arrived safely.”

“Thank you for allowing us to come down to your beautiful planet, Empress Nirabelle,” said President M’Tak. His voice was deep and resonant, sounding like tubular bells. I walked off the dais and took his extended hand. He bent deeply, pressing his cool forehead to my hand. “I am so very sorry for the loss of your father, Emperor Charel. Admiral Cullen said that he was a fair man, a good man.”

“The best, Mr. President,” I smiled sadly. “Allow me to introduce to you our Council of Elders, Aro, Caius and Marcusi. They act as an advisory panel and lead in my absence.” They bowed and shook hands with the Admiral, President and the new captain. “I look forward to joining the Federation, Mr. President.”

“As we look forward to having you,” President M’Tak intoned. He nodded at Admiral Cullen who pulled out a large scroll, setting it on the table set up in the throne room. “Before we sign, I need you and your Council of Elders to take the Oath of the Federation.”

“Of course,” I smiled. Standing immediately behind me, Aro, Caius and Marcusi shuffled in line.

“Please raise your right hands,” President M’Tak commanded. We all abided by his gentle command. He spoke quietly and reverently as he walked us through the oath. After we repeated his words, he asked one question. “Do you swear to uphold and abide by the rules of the United Federation of Planets and the Prime Directive?”

“What is the Prime Directive, Mr. President?” asked Caius.

“It is a set of rules that all Federation planets abide by regarding other worlds that are not as technologically advanced as us,” Admiral Cullen answered. “It’s our guiding principle. It prohibits any Galaxy Fleet personnel from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations. We cannot use our technology or give our technology to civilizations who are not on the same page as the rest of the Federation, technologically.”

“I see,” Caius said.

“Our indication that a planet or civilization is ready for us is when they have harnessed jump capabilities,” Edward added from his spot on the dais. “Cygnarians have achieved that nearly a hundred years ago. The only thing holding them back is lack of dilithium ore on Forx and outlying planets.”

“We will promise to uphold the rules of the United Federation of Planets and this Prime Directive,” I said, giving Caius a stern look. The Council of Elders repeated that.

Reaching into his white jacket, President M’Tak retrieved an ancient looking pen. “This pen was first used to sign the treaty between Terrans and Turulians, the species that made first contact with the Terrans when they used their first jump drive nearly four hundred years ago. These two species formed the Federation with one singular mission, to explore the galaxy. With every addition to the United Federation of Planets, this pen is used as a symbol of unity and good faith.” President M’Tak bent over, signing his name with a flourish. “Empress Nirabelle?” I took the pen, signing my own name in Cygnarian. “Captain Cullen, you are the Federation officer who sponsored the Cygnarians and Forx. You are the final signature.” Edward walked over, taking the pen and signing his name, smiling crookedly.

Holding out his hand, President M’Tak smiled softly. I shook his cool hand. “Welcome to the Federation, Empress.”

Nirabelle's Dress

Edward's gift to her

President Eleazar M'Tak

Captain Jean-Luc Picard (I couldn't resist!)

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