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A Ilha do Amor Update

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“What crack was I smoking leaving her?” I grumbled from my seat in first class. We were somewhere over Central America. My chest was hollow and empty. I wanted to beg and plead with the pilots to turn the plane around so I could go back to my fiancée. For certain a U.S. Air Marshal would arrest my ass and I’d be sent to Guantanamo Bay for suspected terrorism. I tugged on my hair, shifting in my seat again and staring out the window. When are we landing? I need to call my girl. I could have used the satellite phone, but decided against it.

“Sir, do you want an extra pillow?” asked a busty flight attendant. She was looking at me like I was dinner, licking her lips and undressing me with her eyes. I felt strangely violated.

“A blanket would be great,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest. Don’t look at me, skank. She smiled, standing back up and walking to a closet. She arched her back, giving me the ‘come-hither’ stare as she grabbed the blanket. Then, someone came out of the bathroom and smacked her right in the ass. I bit my lip to keep myself from laughing hysterically. The flight attendant glared at the patron, an elderly gentleman who had obviously eaten something that did not agree with him. It wafted all through first class. She slammed the door shut and handed me the blanket in a huff, walking to find something to clear the air.

I wrapped myself in the blanket, leaning my head against the window. I had to get some sleep. As soon as I arrived on the island, it was straight to work for me. But, I couldn’t get my mind to stop working. So, I just let myself stare out the window, watching as the miles of clouds and darkness drifted by. I never fell asleep. I eventually took out my laptop and wrote Bella a letter. Our emails back and forth during our initial separation really made things easier. Nearly five pages later, the captain said that we were on our final approach for Rio’s airport. I saved my letter, going to send it via email once I have internet access. I put my computer into the bag and prepared myself for the next two and half months of insanity.

I don’t know if I can do it. Bella grounds me and she makes me want to be a better man. With her being up in Seattle, I was afraid of losing myself in work and being an ogre. I knew that I wasn’t going to fall back to my old habits with women. The mere thought of being with someone other than my future wife made my stomach turn. The flight attendant was staring at me hungrily from her perch in the galley. I gave her a murderous glare before covering myself with the blanket and ignoring her while we made our descent to Rio. Once we pulled up to the gate we were allowed to get our shit and deplane, I booked it out of there. I immediately pulled out my phone and dialed Bella’s number.

“You made it?” she whispered, sounding so lost and broken.

“I’m here. I’m safe,” I said, leaning against the wall. “God, I wish you were here with me.”

“Me, too,” she sniffled. “I’m working from home this week. I just want to be here so I can at least smell you. Is that weird?”

“No, love,” I said, rubbing my chest. “I grabbed some of your shirts and a travel sized bottle of your 
perfume. Bella, I know that this sucks. I want to fly back up there and hold you in my arms, but you understand why I have to do this.”

“I do, baby,” she said. “I’m proud of you and the work you’re doing down at the resort and trying to repair your relationship with Carlisle. It just sucks that you’re there and I’m here. I hate being an adult. Stupid responsibilities.”

“I hear you,” I snorted, hating my job at the moment. “I’ll call you once I get to the island. I love you with every ounce of my being, my Bella.”

“I love you more,” she said, her voice sounding impossibly sad. I heard her sob just before the call disconnected. 


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