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Friends with Benefits Update..

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Once we got back to our room, it never stood a chance against our horny selves. Clothes were torn from our bodies and we celebrated our engagement and upcoming nuptials. We couldn’t get close enough and our words of love filled our suite. Unfortunately, we had to get dressed the next day because we had a lot of shit to do if Bella wanted to get married before we left.

We all met in Alice and Jasper’s room since our room smelled of sex and was a complete disaster area to divide and conquer. The guys were responsible for finding the chapel, getting rings, arranging for tuxedos or suits and I personally wanted to upgrade our suite. The women were going to help Bella find her gown, get the flowers and find bridesmaid dresses. We would meet to get our marriage license at five to hopefully finalize our plans. With a needy kiss, Bella and I embraced, hating to be separated but necessary to get this done.

The first item on the agenda was the chapel. We started at the Bellagio since it was an upscale casino. We assumed that the chapel would be upscale as well. It was and available at seven on Saturday. Flinging down my credit card, I secured the chapel and met with the preacher. I told him about my relationship with Bella. We talked for over an hour. Once we were done, he said he’d create a magical moment for us. I thanked him and worked on my surprise for my girl.

We walked to Gucci to find tuxedos. I let the guys go first while I made a few phone calls, starting with Renee and Charlie. “Hello?” replied Renee.

“Hello, Mrs. Swan. Is your husband available?” I asked. “It’s Edward.”

“Sure, sweetie. Charlie! Pick up the phone. Do you just need him?” Renee asked.

“Nope, both of you,” I said, sitting down on some fancy looking chair.

“Swan,” Charlie replied gruffly.

“Charming, Charles,” Renee deadpanned. “Edward’s on the phone.”

“Did you both have a nice Thanksgiving?” I asked.

“It was lovely. We celebrated with Billy Black and his son, Jacob at the rez,” Renee said. “How about you?”

“The best Thanksgiving ever,” I chuckled. “I asked Bella to marry me and she said yes.” Both of Bella’s parents congratulated me. Renee squealed, sounding a lot like Alice. “Anyhow, I’m calling you both because we’re in Vegas for my sister’s and soon-to-be brother-in-law’s bachelor/bachelorette party. Bella and I, we don’t want to wait for a big, huge wedding. Bella told me once that she never wanted a big to-do for her wedding and honestly, neither do I. So, we’re doing it here. Tomorrow. At the Bellagio chapel at seven. I’m willing to buy your tickets, but I’m certain Bella would love if you both were here. She may not be a typical girl when it comes to weddings, but I know that she wants her father to walk her down the aisle.”

“We’ll be there,” Renee said. “I’ll find tickets and arrange everything.”

“Don’t worry about the hotel. I’ve already booked two rooms for you and my parents. It’ll be under my 

“You better treat my daughter right, Cullen. I know you love her and all that shit, but I will not hesitate to shoot you in the balls if you break her heart,” Charlie warned.

“Duly noted, sir,” I chuckled nervously. 

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