Thursday, June 26, 2014

Friend with Benefits Update...

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“Bells, you’ve got to calm down,” Alice chuckled as she helped me into my wedding dress. Holy crap, I’m getting married. My dress was fun and casual. It was a knee-length white halter gown with a band of crystals around my waist. My hair was curled and pinned up with a blue and pink comb, matching with the colors we’d decided on for our wedding. All of the girls were wearing similar dresses, but a royal blue color. The flowers we chose were bright pink roses and my bouquet was a combination of blue and pink with white accents. “Seriously, girl. You’re going to sweat off your makeup.”

“The makeup artist made sure it was waterproof,” I quipped. “I just want to see Edward. Can’t I see him?”

“No, Bells. You’ll see him when you walk down the aisle in the chapel. I do have something from him, though,” Alice said as she held up a white bag. “It’s your wedding present.”

“Shit! I knew I forgot something,” I whimpered.

“Bells, Edward is over the moon happy that you are getting married. That’s present enough for him,” Alice soothed. “Here. I’m going to check on the guys and make sure we can get into the chapel without being seen by the groom.”

“Kay,” I said, taking the bag and sitting down on the couch in her suite. Inside of the bag was an envelope and a tiny box. I put the box and bag onto the table, opening up the envelope first. It was a sheet of legal paper with Edward’s neat handwriting on it. 

Bella's Engagement Ring


Paris Casino and Eiffel Tower

Bella's Wedding Ring

Edward's Wedding Ring

Edward's Present to Bella

Bella's Dress

Bella's Bouquet

Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Wedding Photo

Wedding Photo

Wedding Photo

Hyde Night Club, Reception

Hyde Night Club, Reception

Private room in Hyde for the Reception

Presidential Suite

Bella's wedding lingerie

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