Sunday, May 25, 2014

Witch Way Repost...Now Complete

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“Alice, this dress is horrendous,” I grumbled. “Why couldn’t you get married in Vegas like me?”

“Because, I want to have the big white wedding. Besides, my MOH, it’s payback for not being able to plan your wedding,” Alice said mischievously.

“What the hell is a moe?” I asked.

“MOH, M-O-H, Matron of Honor,” Alice explained with a wave her hand. “You’re my best friend and so it makes sense for you to be my MOH. Edward is Jasper’s Best Man.”

“Does Rose have to wear this monstrosity?” I asked. “It’s pink.”

“No, it’s magenta,” Alice chided. “And yes, Rose has to wear it. So does Esme.”

Edward, you are so lucky…you just get to wear a tuxedo, I grumbled to my husband who was next door getting fitted for his tuxedo.

True, but Alice is making us wear pink vests,  he chortled. We really had the right idea about eloping.

“Yes, we did,” I said. “Alice, come on.”

“Shut it, Swan,” she chided. “Tomorrow, I’m going to be officially Jasper’s wife. I need my MOH to be on her ‘a-game.’ Have you hunted recently? You’re cranky.”

“It’s been awhile,” I grumbled. “After we finish with the fitting, I’ll take Edward and go. I’ve always wanted to see Wisconsin.”

“It’s flat,” Alice snickered. “Okay, you’re done. This dress will fit you like a glove tomorrow. You need to make sure that you are alright since you’re shielding all of us for the ceremony. It’s supposed to be sunny. I don’t want your dad and his girlfriend to be blinded by our sparkling skin.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll have some carnivores,” I chuckled. “Can I put on normal clothes now?”

“Yes, you PITA,” Alice said flatly.

“I’m so not a pain in the ass,” I retorted.

Yes, you are, Alice thought mentally. “Go feed, brat.”

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