Sunday, May 25, 2014


Soooo, I'm working out a plan. A plan that I need to follow. I've got too pots on the stove. I need to finish some of them before I delve into a new story (Star Crossed and Caught in the Flames). I'm thinking I'm going to focus my attention on AIDA and Friends with Benefits since they are both close to the end...

Work on AIDA, plan out the ending and climax (possibly five more chapters before it's done? Maybe six?).

Finish writing FWB (I have the plan. I just need to write it).

Then, turn to Starlet, working on ending that one as well.

I will be working on Picking up the Pieces, Surviving the Teenage Dream and take Angels and Monsters off of hiatus and researching for Caught in the Flames and Star Crossed, but I have to get rid of some of the craziness.

Clear as mud?

I just need more time in my life to actually do this! Gah!

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