Monday, May 26, 2014

A Ilha do Amor Teaser

The next couple of days dragged on. I had hit a wall on my article and was finding it difficult to get people to interview about the topic, in fear of losing their jobs. I vowed to use aliases, but I only got three interviews before I had to submit for my deadline. When I got home on Friday, I found the apartment empty, save for a note tented on the cocktail table. Picking it up, I saw a ‘love poem’ from Edward.

Roses are Red;
Violets are blue.
I’m trying to be romantic
All just for you

Dearest Bella,

Obviously the written word is not my forte. I’ll stick to writing code and solving problems at the resort. But, I am trying to be romantic for you, my love. In the bedroom, there is an outfit for you to wear on our date this evening. Alice picked it out. Yes, I went shopping with her in my ear. I’m a dork, I know.

I’ll be back by seven but I had to run some errands. (Finish the spoiling of my future wife, you know?) Take a nap, get dressed and be ready by seven. Our reservations are at eight and then I have another surprise, my Bella.

I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day,

Your Edward

I chuckled at his pathetic attempt at poetry, but what he lacks in creativity in verse, he makes up for with his sweet, loving gestures. Checking the time, I had enough of it to take a cat nap before I had to get ready for our date. Slipping off my shoes, I curled up on the couch and set my alarm on the phone.

Too quickly, the alarm blared and I dragged my body off the couch to shower and get dressed. Hanging on the door of the closet was a very slinky and lacy dress. It was black and white, absolutely gorgeous and left little to the imagination. Turning it around, the back was completely open and I knew I couldn’t wear a bra. I walked to the bed, finding a pink bag from Victoria’s Secret. I plucked it up, finding another note.

I bought you the complete outfit. Wear this underneath, my sexy fiancĂ©e. Knowing you are wearing just this, I’ll know I’ll struggle keeping my hands to myself…

I’m hard just imagining it…

Love you,

I reached inside of the bag, finding a garter belt, a pair of thigh highs and my jeweled butt plug. No panties? Edward definitely is a hornball. However, my eyes glittered at the prospect of all of the amazing sex we were going to have tonight.

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