Friday, May 9, 2014

Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

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“Dad? Can I talk to you?” Owen asked quietly. I was working in my home office, not wanting to go into work. Jasper was cranky and awful. I was avoiding him.

“What’s up, Owen?” I answered, turning to face my oldest son.

“Um, well, you know how Tasha and I have been dating?” he mumbled, twisting his hands. I nodded. “We haven’t ever gone out on our own. We’ve always been with Kyra and Thomas or out as a group. I would, um, you know, like to take her out for a date. Do something special for her so I could ask her to prom? It’s a month away and I don’t want to have a crowd of people…”

“Owen, I know you do, but Jacob is still out there,” I sighed.

“Dad, please? I’ve gotten my driver’s license and I’ve never used it! I want to pick up my girlfriend, take her out to a nice restaurant and ask her to prom without an audience,” he grumbled. “I know that Kyra is allowed to go out on dates.”

“Kyra has Steve trailing her,” I explained. “Plus, do I need to remind you of the night that Kyra want on a joyride? Jacob or someone following her almost got her. I don’t want that for you, Owen. Your mother and I, we want you to be safe. You know?”

“I do know, but this is stifling, Dad,” Owen grumped, sitting down on the leather sofa. “Why haven’t the cops found this Jacob guy? Mom and you deserve to not live in fear! So do we.”

“I know, Owen. I agree. We’ve spoken with the police and they are keeping an eye out for him, but he’s fallen off the grid,” I sighed.

“Dad, please?” Owen begged. “Even if it’s an arrangement like Kyra with one of the guys tailing me, I would like to go out with Tasha.”

“Let me discuss it with your mother and the guys before I give you an answer, Owen,” I said. He jumped up from the couch, doing some goofy dance. “It’s not a yes. Don’t get too excited.”

“But it’s not a no, either,” he retorted. “Thanks, Dad!” He bounced out of my office. Slumping, I threw my arm across my face. Owen made a good point. Why hadn’t the police found Jacob? Stupid dog. Ruining my life and the life of my family. I couldn’t grumble for too long. My work phone rang and I went back to the grind.

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