Saturday, May 10, 2014

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I had wanted to propose to Bella since I gave her the promise ring. I knew in my heart, in my mind and my soul that she was the woman for me. However, the logical part of my brain chastised me saying that it was too soon. My family expected me to propose during the Thanksgiving. I knew I wasn’t. I hadn’t gotten Bella’s ring. I spoke with Carlisle and with Jenks, our family’s attorney, and I took out a portion of my inheritance that I was going to receive on my twenty-first birthday. Carlisle had offered my mother’s engagement ring that my sperm donor had given to her, but I didn’t want it. That ring, while important to me, was tainted. I wanted something special for Bella. Something that was uniquely her, specifically designed with her tastes in mind. I had originally thought of asking Alice to come with me to pick out Bella’s ring. However, I asked Esme. She squealed and hugged me tightly.

Plus, I knew Alice could not keep a secret to save her life.

We drove all around the town and found nothing that was Bella. Esme finally suggested that we go to New York City to work with a jeweler friend that she knew since college. Making plans to leave the next day, I decided to head to my tattoo artist and get an idea of a tattoo done on my chest. As I was waiting for my stencil to be completed, Bella texted me. We chatted for a bit. When I was called back, I abruptly ended our conversation. I felt bad about that, but Jimmy had a ‘no cell phone rule’ in his tattoo parlor while getting ink done. He put the stencil above my heart and I sat through two hours of torture.

We left early the next morning and pulled into a posh neighborhood. Esme led me to an upscale jewelry store. We were greeted by a menacing security guard. Esme informed him that we had an appointment with Maggie. He nodded and led us into the store to a back office. Esme and I sat down in the office while I fidgeted nervously. Esme squeezed my hand and gave me a smile. We waited for a few minutes when a short woman with strawberry blonde curly hair walked in. She looked like a leprechaun or a fairy. She went right up to Esme and gave her a hug.

“Esme, it’s so good to see you. It’s definitely been too long,” she said with a light Irish accent. “What can I do for you today?”

“Maggie, it has been too long. We should do lunch soon,” Esme said with a warm smile. “This is my son, Edward. He’s looking for an engagement ring for his girlfriend.”

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