Monday, May 12, 2014

Picking up the Pieces Teaser

“God, you’re so nosy,” I teased. Alice gave me a look that clearly indicated ‘duh.’ “So, after the ferry, we went to Starbucks, ordering coffee. We chatted and he told me about his life in D.C. During that conversation, I asked if he would ever go back to the Bureau or move to a bigger city to do something more with his life. He said that his home was in Forks and the expression on his face and the intensity in his eyes indicated that he wasn’t going anywhere if I wasn’t.”

“Ooooh!” Alice squealed, clapping her hands.

“Relax, Ali. Don’t go planning a wedding yet,” I deadpanned, putting out the makings for 
sandwiches. She just smirked. “Anyhow, the afternoon, we spent roaming around the sculpture garden. Edward sent me some amazing photos that he took.”

“Can I see?” Alice asked.

“Let me grab my laptop,” I blushed, darting to the basement to grab the computer from the cocktail table. Unlocking it, I found the photos and I smiled softly, looking at them. We did not look like a couple on their first date, but a strong, unbreakable relationship. Edward’s eyes, whenever they were on me, twinkled and shone just for me. For us. We were lucky to have so many willing passersby to take pictures for us. Shaking my head, I carried the computer up to the kitchen and passed it to my best friend. “Don’t get crumbs on my computer, Whitlock.”

She flipped me off, wiping her hands on a nearby towel. She looked at the photos and she smiled softly. “Wow, you look so happy, Bells,” she murmured. “You’re not quite as giddy as your photos with Jake, but you’re getting there. And Edward? He’s completely head over heels for you. You own him, girl. So, are you two official and shit? Is he your boyfriend?”

“How did he put it?” I mused, tapping my lips. “My man-friend?”

“Ewww, really?” Alice said, making a face.

“Well, he was joking but he did say that he was mine,” I whispered, biting my lip. “And I’m his. Well, kind of. He knows he has to share me with my kids.”

“So, you and Deputy Studly? You’re a couple?” Alice asked, vibrating in her skin.

“Yes, Alice. We’re a couple,” I replied. “Now, have I spilled enough?”

“Not quite…is he a good kisser?”

“What makes you think we kissed?” I smirked. “And if we did, what makes you think that I’m the type to kiss and tell?”

“Isabella Marie Swan Black! No way! You are not doing that to me,” Alice huffed. “You have to tell me! It’s in the best friend code. You have to share all of the details of a first date, especially if that best friend helped get you ready for the date.”

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