Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Ilha do Amor Update

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I was sitting at my desk, working on my newest article for the new editor of the news section, Miranda. She had been hired from another paper and I liked her a lot. She challenged us in ways we never thought possible. However, it was all due to Marcus’s promotion to editor-in-chief. He raised the bar for the entire paper and it made coming to work fun again.

It didn’t sway my decision in resigning at the end of May, though. My life was no longer in Seattle. It was waiting for me on a tropical and beautiful island off the eastern coast of Brazil. I even had a position working at the resort. I would be taking over Rose’s job as concierge and wedding planner until they could hire someone permanent. Rose wanted to stay with the baby until it started school, not wanting to miss a moment with her little one. I’d start after we returned from our honeymoon, wherever Edward was taking us. He was pretty cryptic when I asked him what he was planning. He’d only smile smugly, replying, ‘The trip of a lifetime, gorgeous girl.’

“Bella!” sang Paul as he glided into my super cube. “Come with me to lunch, my BFF!”

“Let me just save my work,” I said, backing up my research on state testing at various schools and how it was not aligning with the new Common Core standards. Grabbing my coat and purse, we walked to a nearby bistro. “What’s up, Paulie?”

“What are you and Romeo doing for Valentine’s Day?” asked Paul.

“We haven’t really talked about it. Edward has been working his fingers to the bone trying to find something close to my parent’s place that wasn’t exorbitantly expensive. Plus, he’s conferencing with Alice about the resort and with New Moon Gaming about the Elvendore game. There was a miscommunication about the cover art and he’s not happy. Why?”

“Well, Rob and I, we’re finally getting married,” Paul said, slamming his left hand down. On his ring finger was a diamond band that glittered under the halogen lights. “We’re having a small ceremony on Valentine’s Day at the courthouse. But, on Saturday, we’re having a reception at Canlis. If you and Edward are available, we’d love for you to be there.”

“No invitations?” I quipped.

“Rob was frustrated with my hesitation to set a date because nothing was gelling with my vision. So, he took the reins and well, now, we’re having something small. I’m actually okay with it, too. Less stress and all I have to do is show up, say ‘I do’ and kiss the shit out of my husband,” Paul snickered.

“Let me talk to Edward, but I’m almost certain we don’t have anything planned,” I said, squeezing my friend’s hand. “I’m so happy for you. You and Rob are so stinking cute together.”

“He is pretty damn adorable,” Paul said dreamily.

Valentine's Day Dress

Valentine's Day Dinner

Rob and Paul's Wedding Cocktail Dress


Hotel Palomar

Moscone Center

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