Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Starlet Teaser

An hour into the flight, Bella leaned her head onto my shoulder. She sighed heavily. “What’s wrong, dolcezza?” I asked, kissing her hair. “You should be happy. We’re going on our honeymoon.”

“Oh, I am happy. I’m so happy that we’re married and that, hopefully, the nightmare is behind us,” she said.


“I’m kind of freaking out about being in the public eye again,” she said, looking up at me. Her espresso-colored eyes were filled with fear and trepidation. “I love making movies and being able to be another person, even for a few hours. But, is it worth all the trouble?”

“Do you want to keep making films? Or do you want to walk away?” I asked.

“That’s the thing. I don’t know. Contractually, we have four more films of the Midnight Dawn saga to complete before I can really step away,” Bella said. “Plus, I’ve already committed to that Mary, Queen of Scots film for Aro. My heart just isn’t in it anymore. What happens when we want to start a family? I refuse to raise my kids in front of the paparazzi. I want us to be a family…not be in the limelight.”

“I know that you’re afraid, Bella. Please know that whatever you decide to do, I’ll support you,” I 
said, brushing her hair from her face.

“That’s the thing…I don’t know what I want. Ever since I hit it big, I’ve always had to contend with the paps. But this quiet, anonymous life that we’ve had since my attack has been nice. Yes, we’ve had to deal with the random assholes, but I like not being on the front page of every tabloid magazine.” She blushed, biting her lip. “Would you hate me if I walked away from all of this after we finished Umbra?”

Umbra was the name of the final film from the Midnight Dawn saga. It started with Midnight Dawn, moving to Waning Moon, Penumbra and then, Umbra. The final film was being split up into two parts, but both would be filmed simultaneously.
“Bella, let me make one thing clear…you’re my wife. I could never hate you, especially if you wanted to walk away from this life. You’ve have some amazing successes, but some very serious problems, too. To say that I’m scared about what’s waiting for us in London would be an understatement. I’m terrified. I’m terrified that Jacob, James, and Victoria are going to..." I trailed off, not wanting my mind to drift to something so horrific. Especially now, as we were flying to the tropical paradise of Turtle Island. 

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