Monday, April 21, 2014

Good News

Also, I was going to try and write something the SciFi Contest, but instead, I'm going to create it as a complete fic...The idea I have would not work out in a 12,000 word one-shot...
So...some good news:
1. Friends with Benefits Chapter 100 (the one I just teased) will be posted on Wednesday! 
2. On Thursday, I'll post my idea for my plot bunny for my new Sci-Fi story, Star Crossed. Like my Fireward story (Caught in the Flames), this will not start until summer time. 
3. Going to work on the Starlet honeymoon
4. Plan out the latter part of A Ilha do Amor (including the wedding AND the climax). 
5. Let's not forget Surviving the Teenage Dream (Owen will have his voice in the next chapter) and Picking up the Pieces...

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