Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Friends with Benefits Update

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Back at the apartment, Bella went directly upstairs. She was quiet and still extraordinarily upset by what Paul had done to her. I went into the kitchen, pulling out what I needed for dinner. I’d lay with her until Bella would fall asleep and then make our meal. I also had to consult with Alice. I needed to know what I could do to show Bella that I wasn’t going to walk away from us. That it wasn’t a waste of my time.

With a sigh, I went upstairs as well. Bella was curled up in her bed, clutching a pillow. I walked into her room and lay down next to her. Her beautiful face was marred with tears. “I’m sorry that Paul was so hateful toward you, baby. I wish I could do something to make you feel better,” I murmured.

“I’ll be fine,” she sniffled, giving me a grimace. “I’m definitely over him but his actions, they were so awful. They made me feel so worthless and small.”

“You’re not. You’re everything to me, Bella,” I said, wiping her cheeks. “He’s your past. Paul is an asshole and he’ll get what he deserves.”

“I hope that the girl he was with…I hope they get caught by the university and that he loses his job,” Bella spat bitterly. “The fact that he’s using her and forcing her to do sexual favors to get a good grade? That’s awful!”

“Bells, I have to ask…I know that you met Paul when you were in undergrad. Did he pull the same stunt with you as he did with that girl?” I asked.

“No. We didn’t get together until after the class I had with him,” Bella said, shame filling her features. “But, I could see the same behaviors with other girls in my class as he pulled with her. What if he did the same thing all the time he was with me, Edward?”

“Bella,” I cooed, pulling her into my arms. She didn’t cry but she was trembling. My mind was trying to figure out a way to alert the university of Paul’s behavior. What he was doing was wrong and he needed to be stopped. However, I had to focus on my girl. “Baby, listen to me.” She looked up at me and the expression on her face was heart-breaking. “You are my world, Bells. You will always come first in my mind. I will do everything in my power to show you how much I care about you and how much you mean to me. You will never be a waste of my time and I promise you that even if I’m busy as hell, I will always make time for you.”

“Really?” she asked, her voice tiny and unsure.
“Always, Bella,” I vowed, kissing her lips.

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