Thursday, April 24, 2014

Star Crossed Plot Bunny

She was the leader of her people. 

He was a gruff, by-the-book star ship captain. 

An interstellar war, negotiations for a peace treaty gone wrong and a taboo relationship between two species. 

Captain Edward Cullen was in charge of the convoy ship, Volvo. He, along with his crew, were given a mission to deliver Empress Nirabelle of the Cygnarian people to the nearby planet of Lapus, to negotiate a treaty between their two worlds. For over a millennia, they have been fighting a vicious battle. For what? They don't even know. It's ingrained in their minds and their history. 

The Empress is to meet with the Crown Prince of Lapus, Jakob. The Volvo is transporting her and her envoy, Maralice to the planet. There are strict rules in place for the Empress's transport. She is to not have any contact with any males on the ship, per the cultural norms of Cygnarian society. The trip should take as little time as possible and if no headway has been made within one day of being in orbit, Captain Cullen is to transport the Empress from the planet's surface. 

However, something goes terribly wrong on Lapus. One communication to the Volvo and a brief 
face-to-face conversation forever changes the future of the Empress and Captain Cullen. 

Will they survive this threat or are the Star Crossed lovers doomed before they even have a chance?


  1. hmmm, sounds interesting. I am always seeking out more Sci-fi fics. Loved Written in the Stars by Lissa Bryant

  2. Sounds really interesting. Can't wait. When will you start posting it?

  3. @Susanpr ~ I have to finish my Starlet update and get through 115 chapters in Friends with Benefits. Then I'll start working on it. Two weeks?