Sunday, April 27, 2014

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“It feels weird to be traveling for two weeks and not have a ton of luggage,” Bella said, watching as our one bag was being loaded into the cargo hold of Aro’s private jet.

“Bella, we’re going someplace tropical. You also said, and I quote, ‘We’re not going to be dressed all that often,’” I quipped, wrapping my arms around her slender waist. I shifted so I was behind her, kissing her neck and stroking her wedding set on her finger. “I fully intend to follow through on that, Mrs. Masen.”

“Hmmm,” she whimpered, melting against my chest. “I see your point. So, we’re going to be naked most of the time?”

“If I have my way,” I growled lowly in her ear. I couldn’t be as affectionate as I wanted since we were on the tarmac of a very public airfield. The paparazzi were trying to get pictures of us in a compromising position, but we were too far for them to get a clear photo. Still, I didn’t want a photo of my hand on her breast, even a grainy distant shot. I kept my arms firmly around her waist as I nuzzled her neck, but I did grind my arousal into her ass. She pressed against me, whimpering quietly. “As soon as we’re at cruising altitude, Bella, the first of many times that I will be making love to you will happen. Three words: Mile High Club.”

“When is the damn plane taking off?” she asked breathily.

“Mr. and Mrs. Masen? We’re nearly ready. If you want to board the plane,” said the first officer. I smiled crookedly, taking Bella’s hand and leading her onto the sleek looking Leer jet. The first officer told us that we’d be left alone by the one flight attendant, save for take offs and landings and for our meals. The flight was nearly a day, plus a brief stopover in Hawaii to refuel. Bella and I buckled up in the leather seats. The flight attendant went over the safety features before going to sit in the front of the plane, near the captain and first officer.

“Are you ever going to tell me where we’re going?” Bella asked, pouting adorably.

“We’re going across the International Date Line,” I said, kissing her forehead. “It’s going to take nearly a day to get there, but after that, we have two weeks of fun in the sun. From our honeymoon, though, we’re flying to the first of the premiers. Our first public outing as husband and wife.”

“I think I should wear a white dress for that first premier,” Bella giggled. “Almost recreate our wedding day, but in premier clothes.”

“I’m okay with that,” I snickered, kissing her lips.
“I’m going to text Ginny so she can have our stylist set that up,” she said, pulling out her phone. Her 
thumbs flew over the screen, informing Ginny of what we wanted and as she finished up, the plane was prepared for departure. “Ginny said that she’ll work her magic but we’ll be surprised when we get to London. We’re not to contact her in any way, shape or form until we take off to Heathrow."

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