Monday, March 10, 2014

Witch Way Repost

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The flight to Denali was a long one. I was grateful that Bella hunted before we left. However, her having to shield us in the sunlight absolutely drained her. She leaned on me heavily the entire flight. 
Using our connection, I tried to give her strength, but she was so tired. I tried to coax her to close her eyes, but she said that her mind was going a million miles an hour. We sighed and just dealt with it.

As soon as we landed in Denali, I took Bella to hunt. We darted off the plane and drained the first animals we caught sight of. Thankfully, it was a pair of bears. Bella grumbled that they were not as good as the jaguar but she looked better. I encouraged her to feed more before we ran off to the home in Denali. We found a herd of elk and drank three each.

I’m sloshing, Edward. I’m done. Let’s meet your extended family.

I nodded and took off. Bella was on my heels as we darted through the frozen landscape of Alaska. We ran up to a large modern home. Bella stopped next to me and laced her fingers with mine. “I love you, Edward.”

“I love you, too. I’m warning you, though. Tanya is…”

“Not going to lay a finger on you. You’re mine.” Mine! Got it, Mr. Cullen?”

I’ll only ever be yours, Bella. Don’t ever forget that. However, don’t blow her up.

Ugh, fine,  Bella said with a dramatic eye roll. If she touches your cock, her fingers are toast. I kissed her, filling my mind of where I wanted my cock. Bella purred loudly and said she’d promise to do that later. Among other things. I tugged on her hand we went up the stairs. Alice opened the door and led us into our room. On the bed were more appropriate clothing. We were running around in Alaska, in twenty degree weather in nothing but a pair of shorts and a wife beater for me and a dress for Bella. We quickly changed into our jeans and sweaters. We slowly descended the stairs and went into the living room.

In the living room, Carmen and Eleazar were seated, talking to Carlisle and Esme. Rose, Emmett and Jasper were chatting with Irina and Kate. Tanya was nowhere to be found. Maybe she’s not coming, I suggested.

I doubt it, Edward. If she’s got this hard on for you, she’ll want to see you. And size me up. I am, after all, her replacement, Bella snickered.

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