Sunday, January 26, 2014

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

Mom got up and sat next to me. She reached for my hand, but I jerked away. “Kyra…”

“I’m a waste of space,” I spat. “I hate seeing him like that. I’ve disappointed you, Daddy…I’m a huge mistake.” I shot up and ran up to my room. Curling up on the bed, I sobbed into my pillow. The day started off good, got really shitty, improved drastically with Thomas’s admission of his love for me, but now was irrevocably ruined because of Mackenzie’s abortion that happened over a year ago.
You would think that since I had helped her, that Mackenzie would actually be grateful for what I did. 
But no. She was more interested in maintain her reputation then actually giving a shit about her friends. In fact, her brush with impending parenthood did nothing to stop her from having unprotected sex with more guys. I thinks she was on the pill, but even that wasn’t a hundred percent effective.

I managed to calm myself down long enough to send a text to Thomas.

Thomas ~ dealing with some family drama. I am probably grounded or something…I don’t think I can go out with you tomorrow. I feel so bad. :’-( ~ K

Thank goodness my parents picked up my phone! AND I’m not in trouble…Do you want to talk about it? What happened? ~ T

Long story short, I’m a disappointment ~ K

Kyra, you are not! Talk to me, baby…can’t I do something? ~ T

Do you still love me? ~ K

Always, Kyra. I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it. I love you…~ T

I love you, too. See in chem on Monday? ~ K

Ready to make fun of Mr. Brown. Call me if you need anything, Kyra. I want to be here for you ~ T

Just saying you love me has definitely helped ~ K

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