Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Ilha do Amor Teaser

“Bella, stay! Please!” she sobbed, her face contorting in fear.

“I’m getting Edward. I can’t carry you, but he can. I promise, he’ll be gentle,” I cooed. She sank back to the floor, crying hysterically. Hating that I had to leave her, I grabbed Edward’s arm and dragged him back to the bathroom. Just before we go in, I stare into his eyes. “It’s bad, Edward. I need your help carrying her out.”

“Like how bad? Like I should find a gun and shoot the guy between the eyeballs bad?” he asked.

“Nah, that would be too, um, humane,” I growled. “More like torture him to death kind of bad. Please, baby. Please, be gentle. She’s scared and hurt. He poured an entire pan of boiling water on her stomach.”

“Okay, love. But, if I see this douchebag, I won’t hold back. No one. I mean it, NO ONE, should hurt a human being like he did. And the fact that he used his power against her? Sickens me,” he growled. I threw my arms around his neck, grateful that Edward would fight for my friend. He crushed me to his body, burying his nose in my hair. “I vow to you, Bella, I’ll never raise my hand to you in anger or otherwise. I swear it!”

“I know, baby. You’ve got a good heart,” I whispered, kissing his ear. He looked at me, pressing a soft kiss to my lips before opening the bathroom door. I slipped in front of him so Becca wouldn’t panic. “Bec? It’s me and Edward. He’s going to help you out of here.”

She broke into hysterical sobs. Edward took my hand and his face was one of compassion and concern. “Becca, I know you’re scared and probably a little embarrassed or ashamed, but we both want to help you. My sister, Alice, was in a relationship similar to yours. She dealt with it all on her own. She’s still struggling with her anger, shame and fear. You’re so much stronger than her by calling and asking for help. Can I help you? We need to get you somewhere safe,” Edward cooed.

“What if he finds me?” Becca cried.

“My dad will make sure he doesn’t. Remember, he’s a detective. Once we get you out of here and at the hospital, I’m going to call him. Please, Bec. Edward won’t hurt you but like he said, we need to get you out of here,” I murmured. The stall door opened up and Becca limped out. She looked even worse, so small and broken. Edward slipped off his jacket and held it up to her.

“You must freezing, Becca. Take my coat,” he whispered. “I can see you trembling from here.”
She reached for it but she let out a yell when she straightened her arm. Edward rushed to her, catching her before she hit the floor as she screamed in agony. Gingerly, he lifted her up and cradled her to his chest. I took Edward’s coat, which had fallen to the floor and covered Becca with it. “You’re safe, Becca. He won’t hurt you anymore,” Edward chanted. Moving carefully, but swiftly, Edward carried Becca out of the bathroom and through the convenience store. The shopkeeper was watching with rapt attention, his eyes sad for the broken girl in my boyfriend’s arms.

Carefully, Edward placed her in the backseat. I scrambled in on the other side while Edward got into the driver’s seat. “Where to? Which hospital is the closest?” Edward asked.

“Harborview,” I responded, wrapping Edward’s coat around the inconsolable Becca. “Make a left out of here and follow the signs. It’s about ten minutes away.”

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