Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Ilha do Amor Recap ~

Collapsing against her sweaty back, I pressed soft kisses to her spine. We both were breathing heavily, spent from our sexual endeavors against the couch arm. “Damn, Edward,” she giggled.

“Edward is unavailable right now. He’s had his brains fucked out of him by his sexy, perfect girlfriend,” I quipped, kissing behind her ear.

“That would be you fucking my brains out,” she laughed as I slipped out of her. Her body erupted in gooseflesh and I scooped her up, wrapping her in a throw blanket as I sat down on a large, cushy chair overlooking the Seattle skyline. “I am so lucky, Edward. I’m thankful for you coming into my life. I love you, baby.”

“As I love you, Bella. You are the greatest gift I’ve ever received and I am never letting you go,” I cooed, nuzzling her sex-ravaged hair. Her phone rang from her purse that was still by the door. She squirmed in my arms. “Did you not hear me?” I pouted.

“It’s probably my parents, checking to make sure that we got home safely,” Bella said, walking naked as the day she was born to the door. She picked up her cell phone. “Hello?” Her look of bliss from our love making quickly disappeared. “Becca? Deep breaths, sweetie. Tell me what happened…”

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