Sunday, December 15, 2013

One Shot Teaser ~ I'll Be Home for Christmas

To: Isabella Cullen

From: Major Edward Cullen, M.D.

Re: No news…

My dearest Bella,

I was hoping that when you got this that I could say that I’d be home for Christmas. But, Col. Black still hasn’t given me a response. I’m beyond frustrated, my Bella. I miss you more than words can say. I can’t believe that it’s been over a year since I’ve last held you, kissed you and made love to you.
However, I’m trying to keep this as positive as I can. My guess is that no news is good news. You know? They haven’t told me no. (But, they haven’t told me yes, yet). I’m going to keep praying that I’ll be in your arms on Christmas, my love.

Anyhow, time on patrol is so tedious. We’ve, thankfully, not had any attacks on any civilians or armed forces. I’m grateful for that. Our supplies are dwindling and we’re not due for another shipment of medical supplies for at least two weeks. It’s so cruel to try and be a doctor without simple medications. Setting a bone while the patient is awake is awful for the patient and for me. The patient is aware of the pain I’m inflicting. For me, I have to listen to them scream in agony.

Enough of me griping…

How are things back at home? Are your students ready for break? Are you ready for them to be on break? I remember when I was a kid…that week and half before Christmas break was torture. The end was in sight but it ticked by at a snail’s pace. And then the two weeks off? Done in the blink of an eye.

Cruel, I tell you.

I’ve got to go, baby. I should be back to base by Saturday. I’ll Skype you on Sunday, 3pm, your time. I love you more than words can express. I’ll keep praying that my leave will be approved so I can be the ultimate Christmas present, my beautiful wife.

Be safe and I love you,

Your Edward

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