Saturday, December 21, 2013

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“You’re making yourself nuts, Mike,” grumbled Renee. “Counting the money? We should just get the hell out of here. That guy, Goss? He seemed really jumpy when we got the car. Do you think that the cops suspect him, that he’s helping us?”
“Hell no,” Mike snickered. “Goss is a fucking genius at being an agent. He can cover his tracks. The only time he was an idiot was when he married his ex-wife, Maureen. What a bitch! Took him for everything he had, which was advantageous for you and me. Without him, we would have never gotten this far, Renee.”
“If you say so,” Renee said. “How much longer with this money business?”
“Another day or so?” Mike replied. “I want to make sure that Dr. Moneybags didn’t stiff us. I’m a little over halfway through counting.”
“He’d be stupid not to,” Renee said, walking over to where I was laying, feigning sleep. She brushed my hair away from my face. “I don’t know why I didn’t get that abortion when I was pregnant with her. I never wanted children. Charlie was all about having babies. I wasn’t and after pushing this out? I was like no more. It was one too many. You know?” She slapped my face a few times before stomping away. “And that little girl? Oh my God! If Bella was like that as a kid? I would have killed myself. Or killed the kid! Even now, I want to kill myself. Listening to her scream and cry? Fucking torture.”
“Thank goodness the Nyquil knocked her out,” Mike snorted. “A few moments silence. Both of them are obnoxious with their grating voices.”
“When’s the medication supposed to wear off for Bella?” Renee asked, her voice cold.
“Relatively soon,” Mike explained. “She’s going to have a hell of headache but it won’t matter. She’s not going to leave this cabin. Can abortions be retroactive?” Both of them laughed lightly.
God, talk about truly evil human beings!
“What about Marie?” Renee asked. “I can’t stand that little brat, but leaving her in a cabin with her dead mother is a bit cruel.”
Really, you think?

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