Monday, December 23, 2013

I'll Be Home for Christmas ~ Christmas One-Shot

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“Okay, ladies and gentleman, you will have a test next week on Nothing but the Truth. You can use the last ten minutes to study with your face partner, using your flashcards you created during class,” I said wearily.

It was the last period of the day, Friday afternoon a week before our winter break and all I wanted to do was go home. Desperately, I needed to talk to my husband, Edward, who was fighting another man’s war across the world. I missed him something fierce and I was resigned to the fact that he was going to be spending another holiday in the desert of Afghanistan. And I was going to spend Christmas alone.

Well, not really alone. I’ve got my family but it’s not the same.

“Mrs. Cullen?” asked one of my students, Kate. “Can we use our study guide on the test?”

“Do you all think it will help?” I replied. My students fervently nodded. “Well, then. You can use your study guide. But as a trade-off, you cannot do test corrections if you bomb it. Okay?” Again they nodded, working on filling out their study guides with their partners until the bell rang at 2:30. I bid them farewell before walking to my duty post in the front hallway of the building. Standing out there were my two friends, Alice Whitlock and Rose McCarty. Alice also happened to be my husband’s sister. “Hey guys. I’m sooooooooo happy it’s Friday.”

“Me too,” Rose grumbled. “I don’t know about you, but the students are extra squirrely this week or something. It’s like they’re allergic to their seats!” Rose taught sixth grade language arts. Her husband, Emmett, worked as a pediatrician at the local hospital. He and Rose were currently trying for their first baby, but have been unsuccessful.

“It’s the opposite for me,” Alice said, twisting her wedding rings. “My students are one step up from drool.”

“That’s because you went to the theater yesterday and didn’t get back to school until nearly midnight.” I snickered.

“True,” she giggled. Alice was the choir director. She, along with the band director, Topher, brought three hundred students to see the musical Wicked in Seattle. The only day that was available was Thursday, yesterday. Suffice it to say, if a band or choir student was in school today, they were zombies. “I was that teacher. I put in a video.”

“We’re all allowed to have those days,” I shrugged.

“Do you have a date tonight with Edward?” Alice asked.
“He’s supposed to be back from patrol tomorrow. If we do have a date, it’ll be on Sunday,” I frowned, playing with my lanyard that was around my neck. “I understand why he’s there but I miss him. I 
need him home for Christmas. It’s been over a year and a half since I last saw him in person. If he’s not home on Christmas, it’ll be two Christmases that he’s missed!”

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