Sunday, December 22, 2013

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I swiped my key card and held open the door for my muscle man. We walked up the stairs to my room and I went to unlock the door.

However, the door was open. I frowned and pushed the door open.

Holy shit.

Bella and I looked around her dorm room. The room was completely trashed. The beds were flipped and the desk drawers were pulled open. Pictures that were on their desks were broken and strewn across the room. The lion I had given Bella was ripped and torn to shreds on her bed. Bella’s guitar was smashed and was in the middle of dorm room. Bella had put down her bags and started to move into the room. I tossed down the laundry baskets and stopped her.

“Bella, we need to alert campus security and the police. We don’t know who did this,” I said, my voice tight with fear. Bella squeaked and nodded. She turned and dashed out of the room to find Angela. I pulled out my phone and dialed campus security. They said that they would send over an officer in a few minutes. I also called Detective Raisor and Detective Lutz. They were not working today, so I was patched to their voicemail. I also sent a text to their cell phones, saying it was an emergency.

Bella returned with Angela and showed her what had happened to her room. Her eyes widened and she shook her head. “The dorms were locked up over break. No one should have gotten in unless they were buzzed in by a student staying on campus.”

Alice, Rose, Emmett and Jasper had come up by the time Bella had showed Angela what had happened. Rose shrank into Emmett’s arms and Alice was fuming. She was more concerned about her clothing in the closet then the actual implication of what had happened in their dorm room. Bella found me and latched her arms around my waist. Her face was wet with tears and she was whimpering quietly. I could feel her tremble against me and I wanted to take her away from this. I held her tightly and pressed a kiss to her forehead. Bella sniffled against my chest and tried to get closer to me. 

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