Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Friends with Benefits Teaser

“Bella, baby, this thing between us, it isn’t working out,” Paul said as he stuffed French fries into his face and checking his Blackberry, frowning at whatever was the screen.

“This thing?” I snarled. “We’ve been dating for three years! I thought you loved me!”

“I do, baby,” he said, frowning insincerely. “But as a sister. The sex isn’t what it used to be and to be honest, you’ve gained weight, Bella.”

“You’re dumping me because I’m fat?” I shrieked. “Excuse me for gaining a few pounds, Paul. You’re not exactly the vision of athletic prowess, either.” He was around five foot nine inches tall with a beer gut. His hair was receding and he tried to hide it with a stupid hipster fedora all of the time. His beady little eyes were framed by thick black glasses. I definitely wasn’t with for his looks.

“Look, Bella, I want a clean break,” Paul said coldly. “I think it’s time to cut our losses and go our separate ways.”

“Fine,” I spat, getting up from the booth at the diner he decided to dump me at. “Have a nice life, Paul. I hope you catch chlamydia and your miniscule dick falls off.”

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  1. OOH, Feisty Bella. LOVE HER! Can't wait to read that!