Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mafia Princess Update Plan...Among Other Things...

Okay, so I’ve got a plan. I think it’s a good plan. We’ll see. Mafia Princess is winding down. We’ve got roughly ten more chapters, plus the epilogue. Tomorrow, I will be posting chapter 190, which is a beast. 
The triumphant return of the lemon. 

God, I’m a dork.
Anyhoo…after tomorrow’s update, you won’t get anything until next weekend. I want to knock this bad boy out and complete it starting on Friday. Come Sunday evening, Mafia Princess will be marked as complete and I’ll be working on The Next Chapter
Which brings me to the other things…
I’m planning on working on The Next Chapter after I complete Mafia Princess. Many of you want to castrate Dr. McFuckme. Hell, I do and he’s my character. I want to resolve the drama and based off my story plan it’s going to take a couple of chapters. So, I’m going to be working on that. The Next Chapter will be completed by Christmas. 
After that, I’m turning to Angels and Monsters, followed by Surviving the Teenage Dream. I’m also planning on starting another drabblish fic called Friends with Benefits after the first of the year along with another new fic, Picking up the Pieces. 

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