Sunday, November 3, 2013

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“I have one rule, Edward. You have to do everything I say. No questions. Do you understand?” I demanded.
Edward’s eyes widened and he nodded minutely. I walked toward and gestured for him to stand up. He got up off the bed and I pointed to the center of his bedroom. “Take off your clothes, Edward.” His shirt was already off and his jeans were unbuttoned. He slowly unzipped his fly and lowered his jeans down his long legs. Edward hooked his thumbs onto his boxers and slid them down as well. I sauntered around him, lightly rubbing my fingers along his skin. I could see goose bumps rise up where I touched. I scratched my fingernails along his spine and traced his tattoo. His breathing was ragged and his cock was getting harder. “You’re beautiful, Edward.”
“Thank you, Bella,” he breathed, looking into my eyes. “You are the most beautiful creature in the world to me.”
I smiled and ran my fingers along his jaw line. “Kneel down, Edward.” He gracefully sank to the plush floor, onto his knees. I took the black silk tie I had in my hands and covered his eyes. He took a sharp inhale of breath. I tied the blindfold tightly around his face. “Do you trust me, Edward?” echoing his words from a month ago.
“With my life. With my soul. With everything, Bella,” he replied.
“Good,” I breathed into his ear, licking the shell. I ghosted my fingers through his hair, lightly tugging on the bronze strands. I moved my hands to his strong shoulders and I stood behind him. I ran my hands along his collarbones and down his back, kissing intermittently as I moved down his body. He was still kneeling. “What should I do with you?” I purred.
“Anything you want, Bella. I’m yours. Completely.”
Oh, the possibilities.

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