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“Emmett, I still think that Esme hates my guts,” I grumbled as I packed my bags. We were spending Christmas Eve with Edward’s family. Emmett’s parents were in Italy, wanting to get away from it all. They weren’t heavily involved with the del Cigno Syndicate, but media aftermath from Aro’s verdict and Charlie’s sentencing made it difficult for them. They were currently staying in my father’s home in Sorrento.
“Do you blame her, bambina?” Emmett asked, putting the gifts into a large bin. “You really fucked with Edward with your running away stint. She’s looking out for her child.”
“I wish I could take that back,” I sighed, tossing Edward’s gift into my bag. “I know I made a mistake, but I was in a dark place. Hell, I still am.”
“No, you’re not. Every day, you’re getting stronger and more like that pain in the ass that I know you to be,” Emmett chuckled. I rolled my eyes, smacking my brother. Yep, we finally got the DNA test and Charlie was Emmett’s father. It was always assumed that Emmett was Charlie’s illegitimate son, but never confirmed scientifically. That was another reason why his parents were in Italy. To discuss that whole fiasco. Uncle John was pissed with Emmett’s mom for fucking around on him. “Bella, talk to Esme. Explain to her your reasoning and I’m certain she’ll open up to you.”
“I hope so,” I sighed, tossing my bag onto the floor. We finished packing up his Hummer and drove the short distance to the modest home of Edward’s adoptive parents. We parked on the street since we knew that we weren’t spending the night at the house. Emmett was going to go with Rose back to her townhouse while Edward and I went back to his condo to attempt to make love.
We’d progressed pretty far but I still clammed up whenever I tried to touch his penis. Memories of Riley and James hovering over me while they pleasured themselves all over my body lingered in my head and I couldn’t get past it. Plus, I still felt dirty and unworthy of the loving that Edward was willing to give me. He had been nothing but tender, gentle and loving. Plus, the man has the patience of a saint. The poor guy probably has the worst case of blue balls with all of the fooling around we’d done with zero release. I was also a bit worked up, too. I was terrified of getting off in my own respect. I wanted to. I wanted Edward to touch me there, but I was still feeling unworthy. In the back of my mind, I was afraid that tonight was going to be a bust and that I was going to end up in the hospital with the mother of all anxiety attacks.
“Come on, bambina. We’re already late. I’m certain you don’t want to give Esme another reason to hate your guts,” Emmett quipped. I smacked his shoulder. I loved Emmett. He was my only family left since everyone else had abandoned me and my father. They were covering their own asses. The only people from my old life that I spoke with regularly were Carmen, Eleazar, Jacob, Leah, Seth and Sue, Leah and Seth’s mom, who I think had a crush on my father. I exchanged texts with Jessica but our friendship is cordial at best. Angie had since moved to New York with her family, distancing herself from the shame my father brought to their lives.
My father was doing fine in the prison in Sheridan. We celebrated Christmas the day before yesterday. We couldn’t exchange gifts, but I did make sure that he had some money in his account to get necessities, such as shampoo, deodorant and clean socks.
Carlisle and Esme's House

Our First Christmas

Bella's presents

Bella's earrings from Edward

Carlisle's Presents

Snowman ornament for everyone

Edward's Presents

Edward's watch from Bella

Emmett's Presents

Esme's Presents

Rose and Alice's Presents

All Women's presents

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