Monday, October 14, 2013

A Ilha do Amor Update

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What the hell just happened? I blinked as I listened to Bella slam the door shut, causing the walls to vibrate. Did we just fight over a god damned pencil? Really? And a digital recorder? I ran my fingers through my hair anxiously as I thought over what happened. Bella’s got some ass-kissing to do. Dayum.
Shaking my head, I didn’t have time to dwell on it. I needed to finish getting ready, go to the costume shop to pick up our Halloween costumes and then to Sea-Tac to get my sister and her boyfriend. I left my face scruffy and fingered some gel through my hair before jogging to the closet. I swiped some boxer briefs, a pair of dark wash jeans and maroon sweater that I forced myself to buy. It was getting colder and my clothes were obviously more suited for summertime. Even the clothes down in Brazil were geared to summer. I spent a pretty penny on some winter wear. I felt it oddly calming and somewhat permanent. I would be here, in the states, with Bella during the winter months.
Though, her demeanor was awfully glacial this morning, Cullen. I cringed at the memory of our stupid argument.
I finished my look with a camel-colored leather jacket along with a pair of boots. Grabbing my wallet, cell phone and car keys, I dashed out of the apartment, driving to the costume shop where I ordered Bella’s and my costume, along with Alice and Jasper’s order. I smiled when Bella told me to choose our costumes. She had been overwhelmed with work and had told me to choose whatever I wanted for Halloween. So, my pervy self, decided on Princess Leia in the slave costume while I was Han Solo. I was living out my geeky fantasy. Her costume left little the imagination and well, underwear would be non-existent. Easy access.
My sister and Jasper decided to be Neo and Trinity from Matrix. Alice had cut her hair very short and dyed in a darker color. She was ready for a change, supposedly. Obviously, that change was drastic. Alice had always had long brunette hair reaching down to nearly her waist, all her life. So, seeing her with short hair, it will definitely be different.


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