Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Ilha do Amor Teaser

Parking in the short term lot, I went down to baggage claim, flipping through some emails. I had reached out to a handful of local composers to possibly collaborate with me on the score for my game. I had received the names from my friend at the piano bar. A few of them contacted me and I had meetings set up for the week after next to discuss possible collaborations and working with their groups. Secretly, I was hoping that Bella would call me to apologize for being so cranky this morning, or at least let me know if she had found stuff.

I loved my girl. More than anything, but right now, I was pretty fucking pissed at her.

I get that she was stressed out from her new job. The hours she was pulling were insane. Plus the fear of her job because of that new editor-in-chief? It did not seem like a very positive work environment. The research I had done on the new editor, Alec Wright, was not good. He was an ultra-conservative man. Not that’s a bad thing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, he liked to foist his opinion down people’s throats with his publications. He also has ruined several noted journalists because of his influence; blackballing them in the journalism world. We’re talking Pulitzer Prize winning journalists that lost everything because Alec Wright deemed them unworthy, challenging their sources and defaming names. It was disgusting. I could understand why Marcus, Bella’s boss, was a nervous wreck. He fit the bill of writers that were ruined by Alec’s actions.

I certainly understand not being able to do your job if you don’t have the proper tools and being frustrated about that.

But, to lash out at me to such magnitude? My heart just ached and I hated it. 

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