Sunday, October 6, 2013

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I couldn’t stop staring at my right hand. The ring Edward had gotten me was absolutely gorgeous. It was white gold with a large oval sapphire in the middle. On the neck of the ring were baguette diamonds and round diamonds further down along the side. I barely paid attention during my education class. We received our final assignments for the class and were told that they were due finals week. In lieu of a written final, we just had to write this massive paper. It was to create a complete unit for your subject, with lessons, assessments and reflection over the process. My teacher told me that I couldn’t do a choral assignment. I had to use a general music assignment. I decided to a Western Music History unit, focusing on the different composers.
At the end of class, I gathered my stuff and headed out of the classroom. My phone beeped from my pocket of my fleece.
How was education, beautiful? I missed you – E
Good. We got our final assignment. I couldn’t pay attention, though. – B
I was blinded by the massive bling I have on my right hand – B
I will NOT apologize for that. It is proof that you’re MINE, beautiful – E
I know. I was just easily distracted by the shiny thing on my finger. I’m like a crow. *Snorts* – B
Speaking of assignments, we got an assignment in theory. I’ll explain it to you when I see you after your psychology class – E
Is it hard? – B
It won’t be for us. I love you, beautiful girl – E
I love you more, handsome – B
Highly unlikely – E
I guess we’ll agree to disagree, Edward – B
I like these kind of disagreements, Bella – E
See you later. Love you – B

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